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  1. Thanks for the offer but my buddy already started fabricating them. Maybe someone else here is in need though.
  2. Thanks for all the good info. It turns out that I can see the pics on my Android phone but not in the Chrome browser on my desktop computer. At work our corporate network blocks a lot of sites and attachments as we build both commercial and military flight simulators so it is pretty locked down. It's unfortunate that a lot of older posts on various forums have links to photos that no longer exist on third party photo hosting sites so I try to save copies to my local computer of any pics that I think might be beneficial in the future. You all have presented a lot of options and given me a lot to consider. The clips seem attractive as they might be easier to deal with than the alternative. I'm thinking I should just take a piece of trim to the auto paint store and see what they've got.
  3. Wayno, I don't see any pictures in your post so it's a little unclear. I will have to do some measuring but if the clip is that simple I can make some easily enough. Maybe a trip to the auto paint supply store is in order first to see what they've got. Hadn't thought of that. My 320 is a '65 on the title but maybe actually built in '64 so that doesn't make it any easier. Thanks for the help.
  4. I will definitely use some kind of flanged strap material so it has stiffness in more than one direction and if the old brackets can be modified that would be a headstart. Thanks for the suggestion.
  5. I have the body side moldings for my 320 but no clips. There are holes where the clips belong. Can someone fill me in on what type of clip is used? I consulted the Datsun parts manual but it doesn't detail the clips at all. The datsunparts website has exterior trim clips for the roadster but I'm not sure that's what I need. Does it look familiar? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Crashtd420 yours came out looking great, nice work! I like how they're tucked in just under the tail lights. They look like they belong there. Thanks for posting pics of your brackets as I will have to fabricate them whichever way I end up going. It looks like the bumpers have gone up in price a bit since you got yours, now listed for about $125 including shipping from Thailand. I may rethink the idea of making them, although I can buy a hollow steel sphere of the approximate diameter and slice out a quadrant to form the closed end, and thought of using exhaust pipe with a 90° bend on one end, split down the middle with a quadrant welded on the end to complete the look. My friend is an extraordinary metal worker and he loves a challenge so I would only be out the cost of materials if I go that route. Now if I only knew how long the stock 320 bumpers were... I'm guessing about 18" OAL?
  7. My L320 came with a hideous step bumper which I immediately removed. I would like to replace it with the small bumperettes but I see they are pretty hard to come by. They look as though they would be fairly easy to fabricate (my buddy is a master metalworker on hot rods and choppers) but I need some dimensions. I could guess based upon pictures from the web but I would like to get them as close as possible to the original dimensions. I will probably paint them rather than getting them chromed. If anyone has a set (really only one since I believe L and R are identical) and can take some measurements, or even take some pics from all sides with a ruler strategically positioned in the picture for reference it would be a big help. (Plus the thickness of the metal would be good to know.) Thanks in advance for any help!
  8. The relays were from EBay, just standard SPDT 12V automotive relays. The LED lights were from WalMart and the flasher unit was from AutoZone. The elevator bolts were from Lowes.
  9. Need a speedo for my L320. Current unit was taken apart previously and internals are broken. Anybody know of a substitution that would work from a different year or model? Thanks!
  10. Just to be clear, I definitely want one as I responded to your original posting provided it can be shipped to St. Louis area. Hadn't heard anything about an order being placed but I hope there is one in there for me. Email is jimbar99 at gmail dot com. Thanks.
  11. Jayden, I'm sure you're right. I was going by the Mklotz writeup on the swap that shows a picture of a matchbox distributor that's marked with a sharpie, seemingly 80 720. I made a typo in my original post with the 89 instead of 80. I would like to try the same swap, and just need the matchbox distributor to make it happen. I guess even one with the remote igniter would work, or I could hook up the GM HEI to a non matchbox EI distributor. The key thing is that the distributor drive shaft can be converted to fit in my E-1 engine. Thanks for the info.
  12. Looking for a matchbox electronic distributor that I can convert for use on my L320. Looks like one that fits an 89 80 720 with L20 engine would work. If you have one, quote me with shipping to 63348. Thanks. Jim
  13. I need the bumpers. My 320 has no rear bumpers at all. How much for shipping to 63348 zip? Thanks. Jim
  14. Thanks Wayno. The number was right where you said it would be, and it matches the VIN plate (except for the 'D' suffix). Doesn't match the title, but at least it's something. Now waiting for the Highway Patrol to call back about verifying the number and changing the title to reflect the plate. I made the mistake of thinking that left side meant driver's side so I was looking on the wrong frame rail!
  15. I bought a 65 L320 with VIN number (from the VIN plate) of 4-L320-03558D. Unfortunately, the title shows L320$03558D. The '4' is in a different place. I see that the earlier trucks used the alternate scheme. My problem is, I can't transfer the title without getting this resolved. I will have to go to the Highway Patrol to get the VIN verified. I would like to see which method was used on the chassis stamp before I go there, and especially I would like to find the number on the chassis. The owners manual says that the location is "Top surface of left forward part of frame side member" I would assume they mean the top of the frame rail on the driver's side, possible within the engine compartment? The manual has a picture that is not helpful in locating the number. Can anyone provide me with a good description of exactly where the number or how I need to position myself to locate it? A photo of the location that's wide enough to identify the same spot on my chassis would be great. I don't want to make the appointment with the Highway Patrol until I can find the chassis number. Thanks!
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