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  1. They are finally here! The long awaited RB20DET Pro Series wiring harness from Wiring Specialties. These harnesses use all the same high quality design materials as our other Pro Series lines and also come with our industry exclusive startup guarantee! Best of all, we have expanded our chassis specific applications to include the Nissan 240sx (S13/S14), Nissan 180sx, Nissan Silvia (S13/S14), Nissan 200sx S13, Nissan 300zx, Nissan Fairlady Z32, Datsun (all) and BMW E36. We have also developed a Universal harness that is suitable for all race cars and non EFI vehicles. http://www.wiringspecialties.com/r32rb20det.html PRO-SERIES HARNESS SPECS: Plug and Play NO CORE HARNESS or additional wiring required Point to Point continuity tested on every wire. Constructed using OEM connectors and seals Made with high temp TXL wire (-40C to +125C operating temperature) with adhesive shrink tubing Wrapped in lightweight nylon loom with -94C to +257C operating temperature Includes a charge harness and improved grounds Fully tested after production for an easy plug-and-play replacement Turn Key ENGINE START Guarantee Tech support for our customers 7 days a week. PRO-SERIES HARNESS INCLUDES: Main Engine/Transmission one-piece tucked harness Coilpack sub-harness Knock sensor sub-harness Alternator charge cable Nissan Diagnostics connector S13 Power and dash interface connectors Retains factory A/C, speedometer, tachometer, engine temperature gauge, oil pressure sensor, alternator charge light, reverse lights and wipers Please give us a call, send an email or order online and we will get your harness shipped right out!
  2. Hello fellow Ratun'ers Our S13 SR20DET engine and transmission harnesses (OEM SERIES) are back in stock. Quantities are limited and the last sets sold very quickly. If you are looking for a brand new wiring harness that will completely replace every wire connector and ground then this is the harness for you. No splicing or modifications required - OEM fit and finish with a STARTUP GUARANTEE. Engine harness: $319 - - Transmission Harness: $99 - - Combo Harness: $409 Order here: [url=http://www.wiringspecialties.com/s13sr20det.html]http://www.wiringspecialties.com/s13sr20det.html[/url] - photo courtesy of John Huckins - Team Wiring Specialties Wiring Specialties Harness Features: - Plug and play - No cores or additional wiring required - Point to point continuity checked - Constructed using brand new OEM connectors and seals - Improved grounding - Retains OEM wiper functionality - Retains Cruise Control and all gauge functions including speedo and tach - Works with the Greddy/Freddy intake manifolds - All A/C, Temp override, Auto On/Off functions properly - OEM wiring connections and 'T' junctions. No soldered connections at all
  3. Paradime, thanks for the mention in the swap list. We have wired quote a few SR20 powered 510's (VE and DE's). Both are good motors. The DET has great power potential and a tremendous amount of parts support. One of our favorite customer Datun's though is a VE powered Roadster. When built right they can rev all day and make very reliable power.
  4. If you have any wiring questions OP shoot us an email. We would love to lend any knowledge we have.
  5. Hey man it's Brandon from Wiring Specialties. We actually have a pinout for the SR20 ECU. If you still need help feel free to shoot me an email at Brandon@wiringspecialties.com.
  6. Are you tired of having issues with your harness due to bad connectors? Or are you rebuilding or custom making a harness for your motor but can’t find the connectors you need? Here at Wiring Specialties we offer complete harness rebuild kits which include brand new connectors, seals, retainers, and terminals. We also offer an optional ECU kit which includes the cover, housing, bolt, and 60 terminals (15 small and 45 large). Visit our “Connectors and Tools” section on our Wiring Specialties website for a full description of all the connectors included in the rebuild kit of your choice. Rebuild kits start at $99. Get yours today!!!
  7. Top Quality, amazing pricing. We just launched our PRO-Series harnesses with the RB25 Injector and S14/S15 Injector sub-harnesses. Nylon loomed Adhesive Shrink Wrap High Temp Wire to 237 degrees In development SR, RB and LS engine harnesses in PRO trim. Here is a sample: Moderator please contact me to discuss sponsorship opportunities. -Chris@wiringspecialties.com
  8. Always.... Its easy with emails, right... So, we do answer to all requests quickly. No sure who ariascarlos1990 is, so we'll need toc heck the order list. We did get swamped with production on Black Friday. Yury
  9. Possibly because we do not have any emails or PMs from you? Hit us up with the order number. Yury
  10. Hey guys (and gals) It's that time of year again for sales. Most ALL of Wiring Specialties WIRING HARNESSES are ON SALE (even further than they already are). If you have been waiting for buy a new harnesses for your swap or to just replace your existing one, then now is the time! Shop from the convenience of you home. You will save money and receive your harness in no time! All harnesses are in stock and ready to ship except for our popular S13 SR to S13 wiring harness. This harness is still on sale though as we are taking an order list for the next batch that is scheduled for Christmas time. Consider it a Christmas present to yourself! * Built to order items are shipped within 5-10 days from order. SR20DET harnesses - $50 off CA18DET harnesses - $50 off RB Series harnesses - $75 off VG30 harnesses - $50 off 1J/2J harnesses - $50 off Datsun harnesses - $50-75 off Check out our products here: http://www.wiringspecialties.com
  11. These are some pics of one of our customers cars. A super clean 510 with an SR20 swap. Harness has been tucked, which is pretty obvious :P Recently took home Best JDM at HIN Dallas. Enjoy! And the vehicle in question...
  12. Hey guys If you own a Z32, just an FYI that our VG30 wiring harnesses are finally available. You can order here: VG30DE(TT) Wiring Harness We actually put a massive amount of testing into these harnesses and put it through various loads to ensure it would withstand anything. Every harness configuration (NA, TT, swap, Auto trans, manual trans, auto to manual swap) completely exceeded our expectations. Thanks!
  13. Our long awaited VG30 replacement wiring harnesses are now available for pre-order online. Harnesses will be arriving in about 4 weeks and orders will be shipped out in the order they were placed. To learn more about our VG30 wiring harnesses, click the link below. http://wiringspecialties.com/vg30dett.html Any questions about the harness can be posted here or you can email us at sales@wiringspecialties.com Pictures of the new harness will be posted very soon!
  14. In case anyone here owns a CA powered 240, we are having a sale on our CA18DET to 240sx wiring harness. Get yours before August 10th and you will save on your harness and receive a coil pack harness absolutely FREE. No coupon codes, rebates or special conditions. Just head on over to Wiring Specialties and place your order or give us a call at 1-508-274-0464 to place your order by phone. http://wiringspecial...rs13srins4.html
  15. What about a 2JZ harness? We have been asked about this swap countless times and now we can proudly say that we offer a solution. It might be sacrilegious to some but for those who want to venture down the Toyota straight 6 route, come to us! The Wiring Specialties 1J/2J swap harness is a 100% plug and play wiring solution that is guaranteed to fire up your Toyota powered S-Chassis in an instant. This harness will be compatible for both the S13 and S14 chassis. We are taking a wait list now. You can get on the list by emailing us at sales@wiringspecialties.com
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