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  1. freaky510

    What's the fastest you've ever gone in a 510?

    Not sure my seedo stops at 120, I Hit the P in the Mph and it snapped the speedo cable. L20B head worked over, 45mm dcoe, stage 3 cam and r200 zx 5 speed. On a trip back from Blue lake to Spokane. NO BULLSHIT !!
  2. There always has to be that 1 asshat that ruins it for everyone else..... Ratsun SMFH !!!
  3. https://www.facebook.com/Doin-it-in-a-Datsun-533477736801054/
  4. freaky510

    410 / 411 Pics.

    I was going to share mine but looks like someone beat me to it.
  5. freaky510

    Drive down to Asstoreria Oregon area Nov 29th??

    I'm Down since he's to fucking lazy to come see me :yawn:
  6. freaky510

    To pull or to cut and flare?

    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=769363169752297&set=pb.100000358648998.-2207520000.1445272263.&type=3&theater https://www.facebook.com/Mr.Freaky510/videos/vb.100000358648998/689145994440682/?type=3&theater
  7. freaky510

    To pull or to cut and flare?

    If you end up gong with a different wheel , MAKE SURE THE STUDS ARE THE SAME AS THE LUGS !!!!! This is the problem holding up my FBSS 411. The 65 411 has smaller studs than newer style wheels. I have 200sx wheels on my 411, The studs are a different thread pitch and are a larger stud for the wheels I am running. The only solution I have found, is to get some grade 10 bolts, have the ends milled down and weld the studs in. I might go with a higher grade bolt to handle all the bouncing around it will be doing. Also if you roll the fenders use some HEAT !! the rears go fairly easy but the fronts are a PIA !!! way soft metal it likes to push the fender out and can get it a little funky. Good Luck !!
  8. freaky510

    1 owner, 23573 original mile 71 Goon

    I wish It give me the ideas for my pumping my L20b you must know me better than I thought.
  9. freaky510

    1 owner, 23573 original mile 71 Goon

    NO I think those are funner than this thread
  10. freaky510

    1 owner, 23573 original mile 71 Goon

    Damn I miss running with ASNW !! Really the only thing I miss about Spokane ! Nice run, They still do SCC or Scr ? That's were I got most my track time at.
  11. freaky510

    whats up with Oregon!

    Get used to the rain and move to the Oregon coast. The most beautiful coast line in the west !!
  12. freaky510

    any leads on a 410?

    make me a serious offer https://youtu.be/tEsJGSrYlww
  13. welcome to Ratsun http://community.ratsun.net/topic/996-jason-grey-info/

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