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    My interest include the obvious, working on cars. Will post more later.
  1. Beau

    sd22 620 ??

    can you send me the 80 720 pics?
  2. Beau

    sd22 620 ??

    well at the present I am getting all new grounds on my electrics to see what is bad and what is worth cleaning up and using. What ideas would you suggest for someone who still wants an sd22 to DD and still have coolness too it?
  3. Beau

    sd22 620 ??

    Wayno what truck did you do all of these mods to? I am thinking that sounds like it would be awsome for my truck,. wouldn't that be a different truck a dually long bed 620?
  4. Beau

    sd22 620 ??

    I have had a many diesel motors and the only ones I have had issues with where ford and chevy. I live in southeast texas so the warmer isn't really necessary unless it is winter ( if there is such a thing down here). There are additives you can add to the fuel to keep it from gelling, but the big ticket is that it WILL go rancid in about 4 months if not used. Most of the parts to filter the veggie oil can be bought at your local pool supply house for around 200 bucks. However, if you get a good supplier you end up paying about 1.15 USD for a gallon of end product. If you have any synthetic rubber in your fuel line it will eat it up like xylene to styrofoam.
  5. Beau

    sd22 620 ??

    well it wasn't a swamp, but we did have to pull it out of a grave. Me and Rhap have been going over measurements and beer and we'll know more in the morning.
  6. DUDE that is feakin awsome
  7. Beau

    sd22 620 ??

    first off Rhap there is no such thing of voodoo when it comes to 12 volts. however a DATFINITY is by far THE version of a voodoo child. Cahoon thanks for the offer and I will be hitting you up on the help. thanks to you and all who are helping me with this project that will show all the new hybrid's mpgs that you dont have to add a battery that leaves a bigger carbon footprint than a hummer H2.
  8. Beau

    sd22 620 ??

    oh yeah in regards to the wiring for the glow plugs, I will be replacing them with newer plugs that allow for a longer warmup time. all of the other electrical willl most likely be changed.
  9. Beau

    sd22 620 ??

    I have thought about the 620 brakes and through reading posts and what Rhap has told me, the easiest way would be to swap driveline and then do a bolt on disc conversion. As to the motors performance; evidently they still make these engines new as power plant for remote locations in Aussie-land. Ii also read that a wrx turbo could be added for the additional boost but my main concern is getting the thing road worthy with a quuickness. once Rhap gets done with his honey-does we'll be on our way to rescue my truck with the tallow tree in it
  10. Beau

    sd22 620 ??

    the 81 is a king cab. I agree on putting the 620 on the 720frame. how ever I wont know which would be easier to swap. I will know a great deal more this afternoon. I love the sd22 motor. it was the same truck I used to drive in highschool and Wayno your right. not fast but awsome on mileage. also can runn on 100% veggie oil.
  11. Beau

    sd22 620 ??

    Wondering if anyone has done a sd22 swap in a 620. I have an 81 sd22 720 that I am getting tomorrow. Any help would be awsome.
  12. Beau

    Hello to all

    Well, I guess I'll just get right to it. I am new to this, I have only ever had one passion: making my ride as cool as it could be. My "true" first vehicle that I owned was an 81' datsun diesel, which I still have although the body is completely shot. This datsun, which I will post pics, was the same vehicle made me money in high school; not only that I picked my wife up in this rusted diesel bucket that she completely fell in love with. Never-the-less, I have a real passion for the opportunity that came my way. When Rhapakatui said that he was willing to sell this 75' jewel to me; it came with a huge stipulation I would have to join ratsun. I must say after reading so much already, I just thought I was a datsun lover. Ratsun is beyond words. I am looking forward to using all of this knowledge here to make this 75' 620 have new life breathed into it. I am on a 365 day tim eline to make this vehicle compete in a two-sided car show: one for restoration, and for sound off. I will be posting pictures and progress weekly. Anyway, time to go to bed, thanks for hav'n me.

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