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  1. calistile

    Post 510's

    I'm not sure about the 2 door, but I'm actually the owner of the 4 door, and I'll let you know, it's not a custom prowler orange. The photographers filter is definitely altering the color.
  2. calistile


    Well, I can't speak for my friend, but I for one don't have a build thread. I build the car for me.
  3. calistile


    I couldn't read your "stuff" because your grammar is that of a 6 year old kid. You don't care for the video and that's fine. You have questions about his comments in his video. You have the video, so you can just post your comment there. If YOU read your comments thoroughly, you'll notice that you actually were more critical of the owner of the car than the host (i.e. Bozo the clown, Pole Jockeys). You are correct, it is an open forum. I'm just saying you (e-thug) would never have the audacity to call someone out like that face to face, and that is what bothers me (and your grammar).
  4. calistile


    Pole jockeys? Bozo the clown? Seriously, this kind of hate bothers me. This is very much a big reason I don't post in forums, but have to here in this case. He is a good friend of mine actually. He isn't the hater type. He built his car, to how he liked, and if haters come with the territory, so be it. But with the side comments, you made, you're just something else. I highly doubt for one second, you would ever confront the owner and say such things to his face.
  5. calistile

    Black 510 project

    Awesome awesome build going on here man! Please update frequently! It's great to see this content. I'm in San Diego as well, and doing a 2nd phase of my sr20det powered 510. Actually seeking stock location fuel cell ideas which is how I landed on your thread! LOL
  6. calistile

    Stainless lines to replace hard lines on MBC

    BTW, I meant to also say stainless steel braided lines. Thanks guys!
  7. calistile

    Stainless lines to replace hard lines on MBC

    Cool. Thanks for the input guys. I'll just go with the hard lines. I was just curious more than anything else. I'll also check into what those nickel-copper lines are all about as well.
  8. Not sure if anyone has done this, or if it's even recommend. I'm using a Wilwood 1" MBC, currently utilizing hard lines to the distribution block. What I've just done recently, is rebuild my steering box. And before I drop that in, I wanted to order a Steering Support Brace (i.e. Datsport, Maddat, what do you recommend also). The issue, is that when I made my hardlines, they come close to the steering box, and will be in the way of that Steering Support Brace. Rather then bend new lines, is it possible to run stainless lines (i.e. Earls), as opposed to hard lines? Maybe it's not even recommended, I'm not sure. But while I research more tonight, I thought I'd get the opinions from my fellow ratsun folk. Thanks!!
  9. calistile

    Leaky steering box

    Do you by chance have a part number/info on the bottom seal? I believe this to actually be my issue.
  10. calistile

    Leaky steering box

    I have a 72 510 and finally wanting to address the leaky steering box now that I'm driving it more often. Steering wise, everything seems to operate fine. My car doesn't drift off or jerk. I'm just wondering if any of you have ran into a leaky steering box, and the first thing to take a look at. Are there gaskets to be replaced? Can the box be rebuilt? I'll probably get a chance to pull the unit this weekend. Thanks for any advice you can offer.
  11. calistile

    Topher's 72 SR 510

    Are you using 6AN on the flex to the hard lines? Or just clamped on?
  12. calistile

    Topher's 72 SR 510

    What kind of ideas you got going for fuel (tank, pump, lines, etc). I'm planning to revamp my setup. Currently I use the stock rail and injectors. Modified the existing 510 gas tank and welded in a Z31 intank fuel pump assembly. Ran new hardlines. My idea is to run Earls stainless flex lines and utilize AN fittings to minimize areas of potential leaks and get a better seal than clamps.
  13. calistile

    Topher's 72 SR 510

    Lookin really good! This thing is gonna come out perfect!
  14. calistile

    Rear Coilover advice

    Can anyone with KYB AGX 743019 chime in and give a fellow Ratsuner some dimensions/specs? I've tried getting to the KYB site, and searching, and no one seems to make mention.

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