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  1. DaveM

    D.I.Y. How to ka24de a 521.

    Okay Carlos, I looked three times. I know you loathe people who don't read things but for the life of me I can't find Justin's contact info for the wiring harness you posted. Am I stupid (don't answer that) or did you not get a chance to post it yet? ;)
  2. DaveM

    D.I.Y. How to ka24de a 521.

    Carlos, Mark (Blackmarkit) says, "You will need to clearence you transmission tunnel to get the transmission at the correct angle" Your initial post says it doesn't need to be clearanced. So, which is it? ;)
  3. DaveM

    BC to Canby Group Drive?

    Didn't see a post on this (mods, delete if there is already a discussion somewhere) Anyone?
  4. DaveM

    VIN Look Up from Engine Number?

    ^ L28. Yes, that is kind of what I was hoping to find for the Zs. I am a 311s regular ever since I got my 69 2000. I wish there was a 311s for the Z crowd (too dispersed).
  5. DaveM

    VIN Look Up from Engine Number?

    I didn't think the year mattered that much but the shop where I'm getting the ecu from seems to want it desperately.
  6. DaveM

    VIN Look Up from Engine Number?

    So there is no ranges of years that certain engines would have been used? I guess I don't absolutely have to have the VIN but certainly narrowing it down a bit would help I guess.
  7. DaveM

    521 weatherstripping

    I just ordered the McMaster seal yesterday and it arrived here today! Holy Crap that was fast. Looks like a top quality product. Not OEM but above my ratsun standards. I can see how it would not be a perfect transition around the corners but for me, since I'm not building a show truck, it will do the trick.
  8. HELP! Anyone know of a reverse look-up source where I can put in the engine number and it spits out the VIN or at least where I can find a range of engine numbers and what range of VINs those engines would have been in? A year or so ago I bought a 280zx parts car . I am almost certain it was an '83 but it is long gone now and of course I didn't keep the paperwork (as that would have been smart). The engine number is 692243. Like I said, I am pretty sure this engine was from from an '83 but I need to be 100% sure. I know it was an 80-83 because it has the P79 head. There was no ECCM (ECU) in the parts car and I need the VIN for the car to be sure I get a matching computer (just takes the trial and error out of trying to get the correct ECU) Any suggestions?
  9. DaveM

    Datsun Matsuri 2014

  10. DaveM

    Datsun Matsuri 2014

    Get that thing cleaned out and running. Love to see ya.
  11. DaveM

    Datsun Matsuri 2014

    Registration update: We're ahead of last year's registration at this point on the calendar. :thumbup: 73% of the registrants so far are roadster owners. The bulk registered to date are 2000s (thanks to Ross at Sports Imports beating the bushes) with a few being the coveted 67.5. Some are pristine and some are our beloved ratsuns. Some are stock and some are SR / KA swapped. I've been told by the owner of a '72 Hakosuka GTR that he'd like to attend the show this year. That will be really cool to see. Haven't seen one in the flesh yet. I really want to see some of the awesome ratsuns that you guys have built. I have a ratsun worthy 521 that I hope to be bringing to the event this year so I'd love to see more ratsuns. What do you guys need to get you to the show? What am I missing? I'm especially interested in what might be needed to get you NW US guys (Spokane / Coeur de'Alene, Seattle area, etc.) to the show. I know many of the Washington / Oregon guys are heading to Canby -- totally get it. Some who may not be going to Canby may think that because the event is in BC that is is too far. To give you some perspective, Seatte to Kelowna is only 2 hours further than Seattle to Canby (nothwithstanding the border crossing). My drive to the event is 10 hours. If I can make it, you can too. ...plus you get a 10% discount just for being from the US. What's not to like about that?
  12. DaveM

    Datsun Matsuri 2014

    Anyone thinking of coming? Hit me up for the info.
  13. DaveM

    Hello from Edmonton or Ratsunating

    Not at all mint, Gary. I have to admit it looks really good in pictures. Honestly, it needs restoration.

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