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  1. I have a pair of 280zx struts (Part# 54302 p6500) and I'm trying to figure out which year they are so I can order some SS brake lines (http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/CTGY/PBC08) Anyone have a clue?
  2. yeah but that's exactly what I said I wasn't looking for. Doing that would be a last resort. If I can find a way just to reuse stock pigtails I'd be set. I want to rebuild the old harness I have but it's been hacked and sliced so much I'd like to get rid of as many butt connectors and splices as possible.
  3. Sorry if that sounds confusing, but I have an endless supply of pigtails at the junkyard and rather than having something look super hacked and splicing all my wires coming out from the pig tails I'd like to have a better option. Do they sell the metal sleeves that crimp on to your wire before you insert it into a pig tail, that way you can keep as few splices as possible I'm looking for those metal pins in bulk and the crimper. I tried for an hour in google but lost. All I see are expensive weather pack options,
  4. I have a template I want cut into some 3/16 plate steel. Just a ring with 4 holes on the side. A pipe flange to be welded on later. Where is a place I can go to in portland with this template and have them whip up 10 or so copies? What are the usual going rates?
  5. Yeah that's not going to be in my price range. If you were standing in your front yard, Looking over the crest of the earth, and pointed to the faintest tree. That would be about how much over budget that is. So if anyone has some insight into the futo fab design/real world experience, let me know!
  6. Is there any pictures of the work in progress or price point? I'm hesitant to spend $280 for those brackets but if a new cross member is about the same price but that doesn't seem likely.
  7. I know the Futo Fab's part allows for some toe adjustment, and from the looks of it maybe a little more play in your camber. For daily driving with some track time our autocross I don't know if it's worth the extra money and would like some thoughts of anyone that installed these. I don't "keeper" bolt to keep the car from slipping out of alignment from heavy driving unlike the Datsport model So does anyone have some more insight into these options vs just slotting your own?
  8. I have a tired l18 motor in my car and want to rebuild something on the side. I have an l20b head in storage. If anyone has the block (or complete) for cheap that they want to sell. It doesn't have to run. Local pickup in the portland or surrounding areas. Post offers.
  9. I'm interested in it. 240sx cap would be awesome but seeing as it would not be much more than a NOS one for something that would never break, I'd be all over it.
  10. It's not burning any oil. it's tired about about 10psi below specs but everything is 1/2 lb between each cylinder so it's not leaking. Valves are adjusted to a T. It just smells of gas and I get about 18mpg on 95% freeway. Initial puff of smoke when I gun it but again. I'm not losing any oil. So I can only assume because it's rich. Thoughts?
  11. Right now my 510 has an l18 with a 32/36 in it with the stock jet settings Main Venturi: 26/27 Aux Venturi: 3.5/3.5 Main Jet: 140/135 Em Tube: F50/F6 Air Corr Jet: 165/160 Idle Jet: 55/50 Pump Jet: 50 Needle Valve: 2.00 My car runs pretty rich with this basic setting. My plugs are pretty black. This is a tired motor and I need to step it back a bit. I have 130/125 mains and I want to know if I can just throw them in there or if I need to redo all the jets If I were to jet it leaner. Is it simply a matter of of buying every jet setting one or two steps back? or could I replace
  12. wat

    71 510

    Had my 510 parked for a while. All the lights worked when I parked it. I drove it yesterday to find that while the right signal works, the left signals on the outside do not flash, and it displays a solid non clicking arrow inside the dash. The bulb fillament is fine in the rear but the socket is corroded (was not corroded when I parked it). Thoughts on where to begin?
  13. ordered from seatbelt planet. I went to the foster pick n pull and no luck. Actually saw 3 wagons in the parking lot there. Must have been impromptu meetup.
  14. my car had literal latch style airplane lapbelts installed with the old seats. Right now I got those seats out and my RX8 seat in. Now I do not have a seatbelt. I do not have the money to get a roll bar for a harness (which is ultimately what I want to do) so I'm looking for a hold over until then. Are there any other seatbelts that work and are commonly available?
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