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  3. 01_VENM

    WTB 510 turbo

    Nah, no chance! -510s are too rare for kids! They wouldn't even know what to do with it:)
  4. Just as title stated... I'm looking for a front lip for a Datsun 510. Any brand is cool by me.
  5. 01_VENM

    Ssticker designs

    I'm also interested in some stickers as well...
  6. it's actually pretty good or just about the same... I did a few u-turns already and it hasn't even rubbed.
  7. Lol. Yup, the rear coilovers were turn all the way up... You are right Btw.. I try to make it so It's the perfect height for daily town driving. :) I like it nice and fitted! Lol,
  8. They fit pretty good and does not rub at all... -Fender Flared, rear coilovers, 280 front. -15x9 -10 offset all around, wrapped on 195/45/15s
  9. SWEET... that looks good man...
  10. yeah I did all the measuring. 16s would def. hit... even with the 15s.... clearance allowance behind is not really forgiving either. So I'm hoping 5 mm spacer will do the trick. I know it's going to be super tight, but I'm hoping the end result will be a perfect stance...:)
  11. NICE... that -19 seems crazy.. you have any pictures?
  12. yeah the coilover appears to be raised all the way up. But it still bounces. As expected I guess. But I know I ran 15x9 +20 offset before and it doesn't rub at all. So I'm hoping with the -0 offset on these wheels I will still be ok. lol. I'm stretching the crap out of the tires tho.
  13. The wheels are Shakotan. All 4 of them are 15x9 with a -10 offset. The car is a 72' 4 door Dime that has fender flared out. I have rear coilovers on the car and I believe 280 front with disc brakes. The coilover seems to bounce a lot. I'm thinking about just going with blue tokicos shocks to eliminate the bounce. I was thinking using 195/45/15s stretched tires. I've tested fitted the wheels/ mount them and rolled it by hand with clearance. (fronts and rears) See photos. What is your guys opinion and will it definitely fit or not? I also ordered some 5mm spacer just in case...\
  14. -again I wasn't the one that built this car. Was told they were just some JDM Fender Flares added onto the car -It is not currently registered with the BLACK and Yellow plates because I just ordered them and received them not too long ago.,Plus at this time I don't have time to go back to the DMV to do all the specialized/ historical plate registered. But the plates are cleared that I confirmed. I might very well go sometime this week to registered the plates...:)

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