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  1. datzenmike

    Slamming a 620..

    Only downside is it cuts through the bed floor and the lateral structural supports of it.
  2. 100K is nothing. Invest $30 on a NAPA gasket and go from there. If the gasket IS bad, $30 is cheap fix. A blown gasket is not a good reason for rebuilding it.
  3. datzenmike

    1980 Datsun 720

    More info. After thoroughly warmed up? during warm up? or when cold after starting? Does it quit when driving or when trying to idle?
  4. Well the water from the intake will be slightly air cooled from passage through the intake. I think the thermostat housing is the best. You could drill and tap the one you have.
  5. You were correct in naming it the transverse link. And yes the 510 should fit just fine. Same part number
  6. Looks like it. The tensioner is close to the bottom so a 0.975" by 4-5" long on a string should work. Doesn't have to have that curve. Make sure you push it all the way down and hit the bottom sprocket.
  7. Amazon used to have https://www.amazon.co.uk/Alltrade-648831-Nissan-Timing-Holding/dp/B0002Q8TV4 I like these better than the one that rely on you to hammer a wedge in. https://www.amazon.com/Alltrade-648832-Nissan-Timing-Holding/dp/B0002Q8TVO
  8. You'll only get one fold, two thicknesses. That's the beauty of the folded hose it has to be snug fitting at the bottom to prevent the tensioner getting out. I guess it makes sense to use a thicker hose than a thin one.
  9. Mine was one way.... Out. It sweat and dripped in the winter so fit black carpet in.
  10. Folded garden hose will work. Just make sure it bottoms out against the crank sprocket.
  11. 720/621/521/520 have the same frame and leaf spring spacing and all leaves may have different camber and spring rates but same length.
  12. So if the 'new' 620 frame is just 22 pounds that's $1,100 to $1,550 ( (programming $ excluded)) and I assume profit margin and shipping.
  13. 620s are narrower than 720s, not much (maybe inch a side) but narrower. 620 differentials... '73-'74 automatics 4.625 '75-'79 automatics 4.375 '73-'78 4 or 5 speeds 4.375* *'79 4 or 5 speeds have 4.11 but with optional 4.375 Datsun 6 lug is common to Chev, Ford, Mazda, Toyota, Trooper...... a lot more
  14. I'll check when I get home but that tapered part reminds me of the part that holds the lower control arm to the front cross member. If so, they are not likely specific to the car and any one may do even left to right. Again I'll try to remember to look up the part and it's number and I can cross reference it to other cars that may use it.
  15. There is a buzzer for leaving the key in the ignition. Charley may know, perhaps the ST modle??
  16. datzenmike

    Auto trans question

    I bike to work and if I drove it would be my Datsun. This thing has to use a back up camera because of cap over the bed and I don't like it. It distracts you from your 'situational awareness' by having to concentrate on the screen. My work partner is always screaming to use the screen when I'm using the side mirrors to back up. (another distraction) But on screen what looks like 10 feet is really shortened to a meter? Looks like you have tons of room but you don't. My wife's Toyota blanks out half the rear view mirror for the back up display. I hate them and see them as another example to move us to autonomous cars. Aren't all small cars automatic? A whole generation can't drive a stick shift.
  17. datzenmike

    Slamming a 620..

    A bit extreme but yeah. There are no 620 notched frames.
  18. I have a new Nachi counter bearing in my 5 speed.
  19. I made a few calls to their PO. With luck they will avoid going back to jail if they return the 620 back to stock and sell it.
  20. datzenmike

    720 4x4 problem

    AFTER torquing the head bolts while the engine is cold, take the top off the air filter and look. Choke plate should be partly closed. Have someone step on the gas the plate should snap fully closed. Does it? Warn the engine choke plate should open fully to vertical in about 5-10 min of idling. Does it? If not, the choke partly on can also ruin the idle and running. This is an easieer fix than a head gasket change.
  21. Check the oil level... about all you can do from outside. Wiggle the driveshaft up down side to side at the differential. Any movement? I had a diff run dry and destroy itself. The driveshaft would flop around at the pinion seal.. Maybe the noise is the transmission so check the oil there too and for leaks. Only other thing is the wheel bearings.
  22. I do remember those wayno. Not saying it's not real, just assume our gas is the same, and maybe it isn't. I wonder what the stuff is on the bottom? water and ethanol? That would make the gas above it even lower octane as ethanol has an octane rating of 110 or 114? Crazy shit.
  23. One of the biggest 'in' jokes is the Datsun dimmer switch. All Datsun dash lights are too dim to begin with but by law they must have dimming capability. Yes there should be a dimmer switch. The dash lights could just as well be wired on at full brightness.
  24. datzenmike

    Auto trans question

    Fuck me our new Dodge RAM Classic work truck won't go into gear if the door is open when you start it. Unless already running and you open the door then it does..... I think. Will go into drive but not move if the seat belt isn't done up...unless already running and you take it off.... I think. There's no gear shift..... it''s a dial. Eight speed automatic. Yes, I believe that you can get in and without a key shift into any gear. So always set the parking brake.
  25. Well maybe deep down inside they don't want to part with it and they sabotage their effort.
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