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  1. Had a zx steering wheel on my 620 and it's now on my 710 so good up into the 80s at least.
  2. Sounds like the gasket is blown out to the side. I had the same thing once between 3 and 4 but it also spit coolant. Simple enough fix.
  3. The 5 speed is in the supplement in the back of the Haynes book. Build dates (see tag on door jam) from August '76 on, (beginning of the '77 model year) were available with a 5 speed. Only 4 speeds before this unless swapped in. As Daniel said the transmission is irrelevant to your clutch choice, only the flywheel determines the pressure plate size that will bolt on. Find out what engine you have... look behind the dip stick handle on the top edge of the block just below the head. You'll have to measure the clutch disc diameter to be sure. Car L20Bs are 200mm while truck are 225mm. As there is some mix up with the year a '74 would be the only year with an L18. If it is, the clutch will be 225mm. The '74 L18 is the only L18 with a 5 bolt 225mm PP.
  4. Spark plug side? or manifold side?
  5. So I can wipe trump on my ass.... deal!!!
  6. Probably valve cover gasket. Put the old gasket back on, bet it still leaks.
  7. Saying 'parroting everything the liberal media is reporting" is kind of parroting. It doesn't support or disprove anything and is a weak. I already said pages and pages ago, that never in the history of politics has anyone ever convinced someone else to change their opinion. It just can't be done. It bothers me that such a country has such a president. It's true... you get the government you deserve. In 10 or 20 years of perspective I want you to look back on 2020 and try not to say... I can see where we all went wrong. It began 4 years before this.
  8. Looks good. All exhaust are light color indicating they got hot enough to 'self clean'. Normal build up of deposits. I see no indication the gasket was bad.
  9. He's the village idiot who lives next door and there's some smoke coming out the back window. One of the reasons covid is taking over is you aren't working together on it. Just the opposite. Your house isn't in order. There doesn't seem to be any thought of common good or a united front against a common cause. I've never seen it so divided down there since segregation ended or the Vietnam protests.
  10. But the regular flu kills 30-55K. You're closing in on 150K with closures masks and distancing.
  11. Also the '80-'81 S110 200sx. '83-'86 Mileage option 720.
  12. Isn't Datsun 1200 Club primarily Australia. Maybe they didn't get the plate. The plate is only used by certain combinations, for example with a short transmission (56A or 60-series) and short Release Bearing sleeve. The plate is in no way required. It can help with NVH, but it is not needed. E.g. you can use a long bearing sleeve with the 56A and leave the plate off. For more details see Release Bearing Sleeve.
  13. Seat belts don't 'work' 100% of the time. Neither do air bags. Makes sense to use both to increase your odds if in an accident. Not true. The 55 speed limit in '74 was to conserve gas during the oil crisis started in '73. I was there. Nader is not from Georgia and he did far more good than bad. Cars are much more safer today. Car makers made unbelievably unsafe cars back then
  14. The manual transmission one piece engine plate also covers the front bottom of the flywheel to keep dirt and water out of the clutch. On the bottom half, including the starter, it bolts to the transmission only. Automatics use only a bottom half so it can be removed to get at the torque converter bolts. If you used a full engine plate from a manual, you would not be able to bolt the flex plate to the torque converter The manual engine plate part number for the A12, A13, A14 and A15 are all the same 30411-H5001. They all came with the plate but very possible someone forgot to put it back on and it may work without one. They are needed though, if for no better reason than to keep water and dirt and flying road debris from hitting the exposed flywheel. The transmission is also 1/8" closer to the engine without it. This means the starter engages deeper into the teeth and the clutch arm and release bearing also have to travel this much farther to disengage the clutch.
  15. What 'regulator'??? Voltage regulator??? It has crimped on spade connectors so? can't say for sure what if anything has been altered or not or if wire colors have been changed too. I don't see the ballast resistor near the coil...
  16. All clear. Usually changing something is to gain a clear advantage, a rare time it's just to be different.
  17. You never disappoint Matt.
  18. datzenmike

    '80 720 L20B

    I tried one of those on line calculators and it was terrible.... besides being in inches. Asked too many questions about cam timing and degrees. Yes your cam does intimately affect your compression but all I want is something that compares apples to apples. I assume that a builder will know that the actual compression varies with engine speed/volumetric efficiency and the cam he selects. That's their problem. I work with cc's and mm's 1/ Combustion chamber volume 2/ Crushed gasket volume (I use 1.2mm) 3/ Volume above (negative) or below the deck (positive) the piston rises to at TDC 4/ Bore and stroke cylinder volume 5/ Piston dish volume Add 1/ through 5/ and divide by 1/
  19. I'll call this the pied piper syndrome. Switch it around. If he had worn a mask and told everyone to do the same where would the Dems be right now? Lead by example, but he can't. He's no leader just a host. Instead he's irreparably fucked this up. He was put in power by Russia, has never criticized Russia or stood up to them, was up for impeachment, worst, I mean THE WORST orator/ad liber ever, has legitimized that fat little fuck in NK by meeting with him just for a photo op for himself, can't filter anything he says or tweets and right this minute is dismantling the US. You guys have one last chance to fix this cock-up in November. John, run for prez, you would be far far better at it.
  20. datzenmike

    '80 720 L20B

    2.3 'big bore' is 10.39 with a closed chamber head With open chamber head it's 9.78
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