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  1. Probably that's it. I don't think the Pertronix will handle the EI low impedance coil.
  2. Who owns the process and molds???? If 100 sets pays for the research and development what happens after the 100? Will more show up on e-bay for $50 each??? Good luck suing overseas. Basically we're too damn lazy to make an attempt to do this here.
  3. datzenmike

    521 on BAT

    Insomniacs, Daily Randomness, PostTiTs and POST-Ass would be at risk too..... I said I would not want to be in the position of selling off my 'kids,'... least of all solely for profit. Buying Datsuns on speculation, treating it as a commodity and turning around and selling without remorse, strictly based on how much you can get for it is disgusting behavior. Like buying/selling slaves. Buying and enjoying it and selling it perhaps with improvements for more, including appreciation, is not the same thing. Building and selling or building for someone else and making a profit is not even close to the same thing. Nor is being forced reluctantly by circumstance to sell, and gladly accepting a huge profit. Shit happens. If you got bent by my 'disgusting' comment perhaps you felt a twinge of guilt for adding up all your improvements and wondering what it would fetch if sold? Not that you would actually entertain the idea of selling, but what if someone made you an offer??? Again NOT the same thing as deliberately taking a profit on something with no/little value added.
  4. They can't hide from me.....
  5. The insides of the shoes rub against raised bumps in the backing plate. I think lithium grease will do or brake grease at least. Lithium won't melt and run down. Put a dab anywhere metal parts chafe and rub like the adjuster slide..
  6. These were $12 CDN for 20. I got all under 120 so I can drill them to any size above this. AS mentioned previously it was recommended 180 for a L18 on the 'R-1 lots of pictures' post but my air/fuel gauge dropped to 9.4, I think that's the lowest reading there is, so it may be lower. This was 10 years ago and no air/fuel readings were supplied. It runs great below 10 but would run just as great in low 13s and use less gas. This is at WOT above 4K. I re-drilled 4 Hitachi 99 carb jets to 140, very close to what the R-1s came with and this raised it into the 11s. Running out of jets so I got these from Amazon for tuning a single cylinder bike carb. They range from 95? to 115??-ish. Going to get a 120 or 1.2mm drill or the inch equivalent. The 140 was 0.055", 120 should be 0.04728". By going small I can always drill larger and sneak up on the correct ratio. I would like to just barely hit into the high 12s when really giving it. The drills are about $8.
  7. There were 3 different tailgates. This one appears to be the '80-'82.
  8. Check your connections, you should still have power to the headlights no matter if the alternator is there or not, same with the ignition. Try to locate the fusible link.Battery post connections?
  9. Probably an enraged 620- owner.
  10. I guess it would work but again it is a mix of hotter and cooler water from the intake and structurally, just out there hanging. In the thermostat housing would seem better, visually too.
  11. datzenmike

    Slamming a 620..

    Only downside is it cuts through the bed floor and the lateral structural supports of it.
  12. 100K is nothing. Invest $30 on a NAPA gasket and go from there. If the gasket IS bad, $30 is cheap fix. A blown gasket is not a good reason for rebuilding it.
  13. datzenmike

    1980 Datsun 720

    More info. After thoroughly warmed up? during warm up? or when cold after starting? Does it quit when driving or when trying to idle?
  14. Well the water from the intake will be slightly air cooled from passage through the intake. I think the thermostat housing is the best. You could drill and tap the one you have.
  15. You were correct in naming it the transverse link. And yes the 510 should fit just fine. Same part number
  16. Looks like it. The tensioner is close to the bottom so a 0.975" by 4-5" long on a string should work. Doesn't have to have that curve. Make sure you push it all the way down and hit the bottom sprocket.
  17. Amazon used to have https://www.amazon.co.uk/Alltrade-648831-Nissan-Timing-Holding/dp/B0002Q8TV4 I like these better than the one that rely on you to hammer a wedge in. https://www.amazon.com/Alltrade-648832-Nissan-Timing-Holding/dp/B0002Q8TVO
  18. You'll only get one fold, two thicknesses. That's the beauty of the folded hose it has to be snug fitting at the bottom to prevent the tensioner getting out. I guess it makes sense to use a thicker hose than a thin one.
  19. Mine was one way.... Out. It sweat and dripped in the winter so fit black carpet in.
  20. Folded garden hose will work. Just make sure it bottoms out against the crank sprocket.
  21. 720/621/521/520 have the same frame and leaf spring spacing and all leaves may have different camber and spring rates but same length.
  22. So if the 'new' 620 frame is just 22 pounds that's $1,100 to $1,550 ( (programming $ excluded)) and I assume profit margin and shipping.
  23. 620s are narrower than 720s, not much (maybe inch a side) but narrower. 620 differentials... '73-'74 automatics 4.625 '75-'79 automatics 4.375 '73-'78 4 or 5 speeds 4.375* *'79 4 or 5 speeds have 4.11 but with optional 4.375 Datsun 6 lug is common to Chev, Ford, Mazda, Toyota, Trooper...... a lot more
  24. I'll check when I get home but that tapered part reminds me of the part that holds the lower control arm to the front cross member. If so, they are not likely specific to the car and any one may do even left to right. Again I'll try to remember to look up the part and it's number and I can cross reference it to other cars that may use it.
  25. There is a buzzer for leaving the key in the ignition. Charley may know, perhaps the ST modle??
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