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  1. Here's my 620 /Z24 I have the starter in and 21 lb 280 Z car flywheel , '81 200sx tranny. That's it for this year. Next will be the EFI from a 200sx Z20E motor and the ported head I did. http://i138.photobucket.com/albums/q251/datzenmike/IMG_0437.jpg[/img]"]
  2. Wasn't spiffenspudatter going to run some motorcycle carbs?
  3. If you were to look down the center line of a drive shaft at a U joint while it is turning you would see that it's only turning in a circle when there is no bend between the two drive shafts. As the bend becomes greater the U joint actually follows an ellipse or oval path, and because it is forced to spin at the same speed, actually has to speed up and slow down at to top and bottom of it's turn. This is the cause of vibration. There is a way to minimize this vibration by using two U joints, one at either end with the same angle and they will cancel their effects. Just remember to get the same angle from the rear end to the drive shaft as you have from the drive shaft to the tranny. (or other drive shaft) http://i138.photobucket.com/albums/q251/datzenmike/driveline.png[/img]"] Here is another way to remove vibration by using two U joints at the same bend. It is spring loaded to force the same in and out angles. It's called a double Cardan joint. http://i138.photobucket.com/albums/q251/datzenmike/doublecardanjoint.jpg[/img]"] Props to BEEBANI (I think, for the top picture and the explanation, I hope I got it right)
  4. That's somewhat like my Dart. It draws room air down through the one speaker grill and blows up through a long slot runninng across the back.
  5. Caddys and some Buicks had a 12 volt compressor too. Very little volume, but like a dripping tap it would eventually fill a bath tub. Get the biggest tank you could to store some volume and let it refill during down time. continuous use like this may shorten it's life though. Car air con. pumps might work, but yeah most use freon oil mix to lube and peep them cool. Chrysler used to have a double piston compressor unlike the rotary vanes of to-day. Looked like a home compressor actually. I made a home compressor out of a hotel ice maker. It would take some time but would fill my compressor tank. On the 4th or 5th fill it slowed down and seized up. Maybe an oil drip on the intake? Oh well, cost nothing to try.
  6. Measure it from where it joins the motor all the way back to the end of the tail stock. A long tail is about 31" (and change) the short is (I'm guessing) 26"? Big enough that there is no way to mistake them. If you do have a shortie the 5spd should fit up to the unused mounts you have, but you will need a 5spd front drive shaft (it's a two piece) which is shorter. If you get the truck 5spd, get the drive shaft with it. In fact, get the whole drive shaft, in case.
  7. Hey Jeff, Tesla also pioneered the invention of the speedometer too!
  8. Only time I had a wheel come off was my wife's '79 Cutlass. The axle was still attached! I was going slow and it felt funny so I looked out the rear pass window and I could see the tire turning. The axle was still in the axle tube... for a while.
  9. The ricers are harder to steal. My 620 was stolen using only a screw driver... jam it in the lock and give it a realy good twist, crunch the door opens.... jam it in the ignition ... same thing. There's no steering lock on the stock 620 either so you could push it down the block to steal it. I now have a 720 column (with steering lock) alarm and kill switch... fuck 'em!
  10. If you think about it, chain slop won't affect the dizzy, it's driven by a worm gear on the crank. Gotta love the double row L and Z timing chains. Pity the KA24s with the single chain. Even this angle you can see how flat the single chain KA sprocket is. Looks like the L and Z would interchange. How do you adjust for chain stretch on a KA anyway??? http://i138.photobucket.com/albums/q251/datzenmike/CopyofIMG_0433.jpg[/img]"]
  11. Good question. I have a remote igniter box and two other match boxes, but the boxes are mounted in a different location on the side, or at least the vacuum advance is differently located, than my '79 truck dizzy. They're off Z20E motors.
  12. datzenmike

    Sad 620

    To piss off a bible thumper, ask them if God can make a burrito so hot that even He can't eat it. No mater what answer they give you, they will be admitting that God is fallible.:lol: (you just know, the big GUY has to have a great sense of humor)
  13. You certainly don't need to drain the oil. However you will need an adapter to connect it to a Datsun block. A 'T' would be good so you can have the stock low pressure oil light still work in the dash. (not totally necessary though) Anyway Datsun uses a 1/8" BSP British Standard Pipe on the pressure sender so you will need an adapter if there isn't one in the kit. If 1/8"seems small that's because that is the inner diameter of the pipe. The threads are on the outside of that. A 1/8" BSP would measure about 0.3 inch across the threads, which seems about right. I assume the gauge has a plastic or copper tube connecting it to the block? I had one on my '64 Dodge. Don't worry if there's air in the tube and not oil. The oil at the engine end will compress the air and the gauge will still read correctly. Mechanical gauges usually respond faster to pressure changes than electric senders. Don't know about a mechanical water temp gauge .
  14. datzenmike

    Sad 620

    Ah... the 'Anti Christ'. Does your vanity plate say 66620?:D
  15. Didn't that happen to Don Garlits? Big Daddy who????? Lost a portion of his foot due to an exploding tranny. (same thing)
  16. The front spline should slide out. So it's the front spline with the yoke that's damaged?
  17. I've had to smash out windows and climb in the back seat to get what I want before.:D Stripped a '79 truck that was three cars up on the pile, got the matchbox, windshield, rad, carb.
  18. I'm hoping that this fella will send me a picture of his dogleg. It's a long tail but fits a Z series engine!!!!!!!!!
  19. OK! Dremel w/sanding disc. Press fit with thumb, pin goes in with a twist. Nice and snug. http://i138.photobucket.com/albums/q251/datzenmike/Copyoftransshifterbushing.jpg[/img]"] This cost about $7 Cdn. and some farting around this afternoon (raining anyway) Cheap? hell yeah, but I like to make stuff work too.
  20. datzenmike

    Sad 620

    Anything carried to extremes is either addiction or fanaticism. Lord protect me from religious fanatics and addicts. What about the dyslexic agnostic insomniac? He lay awake all night wondering if there was a dog....
  21. The chain tensioner uses oil pressure from behind, (plus a spring) to push against the chain and keep it tight. At idle, the oil pressure will be much lower so maybe that's it. The chain guide may also be worn. Beware, a very loose chain could rub a hole in the chain cover, not to mention the aluminum filings going through the oil pump on their way to the filter.
  22. Good info and good read. My first Datsun was a 510 and had no washer. (my old Dodge had a squeeze bulb on the floor) So this was what I was looking for and couldn't find. Turned out the electric motor was seized up from lack of use. I did much the same to fix it. Very quickly all makers riveted stuff together and you couldn't take it apart to fix... just throw away and replace.
  23. Ah, maybe that's it. The number I was given is 38388 HELP Chrysler door hinge '83-'91. Maybe it's slightly bigger? The one I got is 0.345" ID (that the pin fits through) and 0.480" OD (that fits into the shifter) and I think, there's no way it would press in. Anyway, all in all, it worked out fine. Check that #, I have a post on the Realm I could up-date.
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