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  1. Hey Brian I'm not working. Didn't you say you were a scientist or something? Using the company computer? Misappropriation of company assets or something?
  2. When it (comes) down to it, I'd rather be blown than supercharged.
  3. Sorry, didn't mean it didn't work. Bound to give some results for sure. The dyno reading is screwy.
  4. Pumps will push better than they pull. Some pumps can push in the thousands of pounds per square inch. No pump made can pull water vertically more than about 33 feet. It's impossible. Period. This is why any pump should be mounted as low and as close to the tank as possible to reduce the effort needed to draw the fuel in. This is why all EFI pumps are in the tank.
  5. Have to call BS on that VID. If that graph is the HP and torque values the readout that's displayed is impossible. It may be displayed wrong or something but wrong never the less. Compare theirs to the one below. Here's a real readout: http://i138.photobucket.com/albums/q251/datzenmike/DynoRun2007ByronsLZ22.jpg[/img]"]
  6. As long as the V in the sprocket is to the right of the etched mark in the cam thrust plate, it's fine. A retarded cam favors low speed cylinder filling and power/torque. An advanced cam favors higher RPM cylinder filling and power/torque. This is a very general statement and there are other factors to consider, but very generally this is the case. Perhaps some weekend you could try advancing it and see if there is any gain/loss in mileage/performance or driveability.
  7. Any LEG MEN out there? Breasts, legs, thighs... damn sounds like a bucket of chicken. M-M-m-m-m chicken....
  8. Something. A buddy swapped steel syncros from a C into his B NAPS tranny as well. And I had a article about an FS5W71B modified for racing. It had the shift fork replaced a special machined one. See if I can find it.
  9. Well Paula, men staring at women who are staring at other woman's boobs would be the best solution I think, but yes you do have a point. My wife enjoys catching me staring at her. I don't do this to flatter her or anything... I just.. like.... looking. Boobs... aaaaahhhhhhgg (sound of Homer drooling) And I don't try to be sneaky or anything and will positively ogle her at times. She seems to enjoy the attention. Surely being looked at is as good as looking at, or is it different with women? Perhaps Mike is too good at not being caught and has perfected his art to extremes. The thing is, you should get caught now and then. Perhaps random turning around suddenly.....?
  10. OR: You could leave it the fuck alone and just run it. No... wait. I guess not an option. Fuck! It's snowing again.
  11. Good question and I've asked someone I know about it. I would have said steel but in this picture I took of a grenaded NAPS tranny, you can see no rust on them and they do have that dull aluminum shine: http://i138.photobucket.com/albums/q251/datzenmike/transwyard004Large.jpg[/img]"] My guess is that they are cast aluminum.
  12. The 521 may match the '72.5-'73 620 because they used the same short tail tranny. After '74 the driveshafts were about 5" shorter to accommodate the longer 4 speed tranny.
  13. L16 and 18 are set on the #1 position. All L20B and Z series engines were set on the #2 position at the factory for emission purposes I believe.
  14. Time for the big 'uns: http://i138.photobucket.com/albums/q251/datzenmike/02.jpg[/img]"]
  15. datzenmike

    match box ?

    Uh, now that I think of it, the early L20B dizzy with points, might have the larger size as well. The L16/18 only had points and were smaller
  16. I'm no brain surgeon..... but ya got to figure these guys must have had a plan, something, but maybe not the obvious one. Pretty sure that fucked up. But they must have had some goal. Something. Like securing an American oil supply for the future.
  17. :lol::lol::lol::lol: Mis read the title, choke :lol: har har:lol: too much! It's your X Things will be better now. Find your self a good Datsun girl.
  18. If one was made, (propane lift truck?) they would be rare. Almost all you will find will be home made ranging from OK to crap. Will you be running a draw through of blow through set up?
  19. This guy should be up for war crimes.
  20. Stock L18 with stock 4.3cc dish pistons and open chamber head.... 8.37 compression Same as above but with closed chamber head..... 9.002 compression
  21. datzenmike

    match box ?

    NO The cap is larger on the EI dizzy to space the wires further apart from each other because of the higher voltage.
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