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  1. OK...... Mrs. datzen just walked in and handed me the friggin' .... DVD! How fucked is that? I think it's a fuel injection set up on a cross ram manifold. Did you see the "to punish and enslave" on the cruiser? Is Megan Fox the jock concubine?
  2. tnip, what does it look like with the rising sun in solid red bars instead of lines?
  3. I've heard good things about it, or is it something that only appeals to those who were being breast fed when they were watching it on TV back in the mid '80s?:D Is it that good? Would someone (like me) who grew up with Thunderbirds, Supercar and International Rescue, 'get it'? Or, is it just a fun movie to watch at any age?
  4. Ha ha YESS!!! You call if overthink, I call it blindly going down the wrong road. Couldn't 'see' it.
  5. I had a '64 (my dad's old one) and a '69, '70, '74, '76 (new) '86, and a '90 Dodge product and I can't remember which one had he 'douche bag' on the floor. Sure wasn't the new ones, maybe the '64 or the '70 Dart. The high beams switch was a button on the floor too. Often you would come to a stop and the guy across the road would flash his lights to signal you to dim your lights and you couldn't because your left foot was on the clutch pedal.
  6. Also: "There's never enough time to do it right...... .... but always time to do it over"
  7. A sort of 'Darwinism' in action. Weeds out the adrenaline Rush gene. Thanks! I feel better about the future now.
  8. I've got 33s and the speedo is out a bit. Maybe yours is set for the stock 600 X 14 tires, with 31s you are actually going further than what it reads. Your mileage may be much better. I would expect about the low 20s for that weight.
  9. Keep track of which bolt went where. Don't replace the front one with one that's too long, as it shares space with the timing chain, and could make contact.
  10. Sorry tnip, (should have used those damn emoticons I guess). :D Did not mean to imply there was any BS on your part.:o I should not have said imaginary Chevy, my mistake. I know you well enough to not want a misunderstanding between us. Let's move on:D mike
  11. Yup, saw that once. You know, these kids will grow up to be Drs. lawyers, police, politicians, care providers and law makers when we have grown old. (shudder)
  12. There's a law called the 'conservation of energy' it's also the first law of thermodynamics that I like to call the: "you can't get something for nuthin' law". Very simply it says that (in a closed system) energy can change form but cannot be created or destroyed. It's going to require a finite amount of energy to move a vehicle of a certain size and weight a certain distance at a certain speed. No amount of gears is going to allow a hamster on his exercise wheel to push a Chevy at say twenty miles an hour for 1 mile. Just not enough power available. (it could be gear reduced to go a mile in 20 hours though) As to the 10 spd 2 o/d Chevy, there would come a point where the engine would be revving so low that it did not produce enough power to push through the air and keep it's speed. I've seen bikes that went faster in 3rd than 4th. There just wasn't enough power in 4th at 100 MPH to push through the wind. Third gear was revving higher at the same speed: more power. Back to the imaginary Chevy. As speed drops, you would have to give it more and more throttle, not good for mileage. This is not to say higher gears have no merit at all. Trucks are higher geared to haul heavy loads and lowering the ratio will slightly help mileage but, "you can't get something for nuttin'"
  13. http://www.joetube.nl/videoclip/vervideo.php?en=metacafe&q=http://www.metacafe.com/fplayer/870710/car_spinning_with_no_driver.swf&video=http://www.metacafe.com/fplayer/870710/car_spinning_with_no_driver.swf Don't usually post this shit. This is extra fucked up.
  14. Steve, if you're referring to banana peels, you're really dating yourself. :Dlol
  15. Aluminum expands more too when heated. Over torqued a VW and pulled the studs right out when it heated up.
  16. The stock tire for a 620 is 6.00 X 14". What this is in metric, I haven't a clue. Tried to crass reference this old method of measurement and gave up. These would have been nylon ply tires which had a stiffer side wall than the 'newer' radials.
  17. The '85 turbo 200sx had a monster C-200 IRS with disc brakes, not sure what the '83 and on non turbo's had in them, probably 180 so be sure to check. Pre '83 had only a small H165 not enough for a KA. The 810 Maximas (pre '85 VGs) had a solid rear axle but with drums, for use with the L24 motor. Don't know the size.
  18. Yeah, what torsion bars? I don't have them on my 620 either.
  19. Kiz: the Z24 with a KA head, for all intents and purposes, IS a KA. The KA/Z24 rods and pistons are the same size (not identical). I believe the KA grew out of the Z 24, more or less. With the same bore and stroke, putting a KA head on a Z 24 just changes the block.
  20. ca20 will be a waste of time ..... I can live with that! I'll root for the under dog and say Z24.
  21. WHOO--Hoo!! I got one right! In your face Banzai!!! (er, I mean ... of course that fixed it)
  22. datzenmike

    Air Leak?

    http://i138.photobucket.com/albums/q251/datzenmike/STP80217.jpg[/img]"] This is from above and behind the driver's side of a '78 620. That large hose is for the PCV Positive Crankcase Ventilation valve. It's very important to have it working as it uses manifold vacuum to remove unburnt blow by gases, and oil and water vapors that condense inside the block when it cools. These deposits dilute the oil and contribute to corrosion and wear. Even if all the emissions stuff is removed this is the one thing that shouldn't be. It is a totally passive system and has absolutely NO effect on performance and actually does good. If the p/o removed the EGR then the PCV valve will be missing as well and there will be a block off plate to prevent vacuum leaks. Take a good look around this area for any leaks. Pisses me off when people do this, it just causes problems for others. It's easier to deactivate the EGR by pulling one hose and plugging the end.
  23. Try luggin' two out of a yard with your head through the open window while hangin' onto the arm rest. Sheee--it!
  24. First.. KA multi port EFI will run upside down even, ok mileage to bad, because of the available POWER. Downside: complex wiring harness w/computer, block is 4cm taller than an L16, need hi press electric fuel pump. Second: CA20 same as above, less power, lighter. Don't know much about them but EFI trumps carb every time. Third: Z 24 the only truck motor in the bunch, could put a stock throttle body injection on it, Nissan should have put multi port on, they had the multi on the Z20 just couldn't get their ass in 'gear' to do it. Has good low end torque but it is a carb engine. Easier to work on than EFI and cheaper for a new carb. Need low pressure electric pump or hog out the fuel pump boss on the head and install an L pump eccentric on the cam retaining bolt. Mount an L pump on the power steering pump studs.
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