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  1. I am moving my battery under the dash so it is of no use to me, but killer none the less. I hope you're using an Optima or a gel battery. No way I ride with half a gallon of sulfuric acid in the cab.
  2. I guess a 1/2" would be ok most factory settings are about half that. Try backing off the rear adjuster on the locking wheel a bit at a time until it equalizes with the other side?
  3. There should be about 1/4" of free play on the foot pedal before any resistance is felt.
  4. Well after some digging I see you have an '80 720. Obviously that's a custom d/s for it as the 720s were two piece. Has it bottomed out on the cross frame? Do you have a picture of it at the tranny end?
  5. OHC vs OHV. Think about it.
  6. Damn it would be a full time job like a librarian.
  7. Most of the FAQ are page after page of 'hows the weather?' It should be more of a 'Tech How To...' Pictures and directions or listed facts. If useless stuff were deleted it would shrink 70%. Right now you have to pan for a few nuggets. It's good but could be better. Perhaps for example: drivetrain, body, suspension, brakes DRIVETRAIN which would be broken down into: engine clutch/flywheel tranny T case driveshaft differential rear axle assy Each of these could be further broken down.. ENGINE: head info cooling system carb info Well you get the idea....
  8. Who gains the most? Bush's big oil good 'ol boys buddies. Halliburton (dick cheney) Defence contractors: war is good business, invest your son Counter terrorism agencies: Scared people will sign any cheque, enact any law, give up any freedom to 'protect' themselves from the 'boogie man'.
  9. One carb is almost too much... two is a waste of time. At 6,000 an L20B needs 211 cfm at full throttle. I think a 32/36 is good for 270 cfm. Running a carb slightly bigger than you need gives a very slight performance gain because bigger is less restrictive. But only up to a point. Bigger isn't always better or we would all be running 1180 double pumper Hollys.
  10. Cold an clear. Installed a new heater fan on a Dakota m/f Dodge sob POS.^#*&^%#$!!!! One of my wife's employees has no defrost and I'm at home so I rode my bike into town, got it, replaced it, it ran, I put the cover on, put the dash together, no workie, take dash of, fan out, fan in, dash on, no go, dash off.... fuck it got the motor to run if I ground what the switch is supposed to be doing. Put it together, returned it rode home on half cleared roads with traffic wizzing past inches away. Fuckitall tomorrow is another day. I'll get the switch assy from the truck I got the fan from and try that. I'm cold, sore from being half in/out of a truck and rattled. Coffee and ratsun, ratsun and coffee and play with my dogs.
  11. Not much sense porting the inlet if you don't do the same to the manifold. It might be a perfect match right now and just the gasket is off center. Also if this is the case, porting out to the gasket will heat the gasket more and could erode it.
  12. Lickka 'n guns. Do you ever hunt with Dick Cheney?
  13. Say what you will, we still bought those big cars and trucks and that showed GM that there was a market for them. Moms wanted SUVs to drive their larva to school on paved roads. Japan makes smaller efficient cars because gas costs more there than here, simple as that. They've been doing it forever. If gas is cheap cars will be bigger. Look at the Z24 that was only sold in NA because we like big. Our economy shouldn't be based on, or severely affected by the auto industry. Look at all the raw materials, and manufacturing that goes into a product that lasts a hand full of years, pollutes and kills us. (not to mention the road/pavement/bridge infrastructure. At best we need cheap ultra efficient cars that last forever. Think the big 3 will go for that? Big companies are like a virus. It moves in and uses up all resources reproducing itself with little control and no concept of right and wrong often killing the patient. If we are going to live further away from our work than we can walk, then we will need a better transportation system, maybe without cars altogether.
  14. The Dodge omni wasn't around till '78. Here: "The year is 1978. Chrysler Corporation attempts to stay alive, making marketing changes in their product line. Chrysler continues to offer larger cars in weakening economic times. On November 2, 1978, the new Chrysler president, Lee Iacocca, replaces chairman John Riccardo. The first front-wheel-drive subcompact car ever to be built in America hits the showroom...the Dodge Omni and Plymouth Horizon. [Webmaster notes:] Based on the Horizon of Chrysler Europe, [End note]the Omni/Horizon would help to save the corporation from bankruptcy. For once, Chrysler displayed a product that was right for the times." I had an 82 Dodge Omni O24 and it was a great little car. Whereas the Vega (Chevy) Astra (Pontiac) and the Pinto were absolute CRAP! If anything they taught us to hate small cars and probably did more for boosting sales of bigger cars. Please don't lump the Omni in with these POS cars. Mr. Keith Nerbas, I'm embarrassed for you.
  15. I work outdoors and so if there's any snoew I usually don't go in. The norm is for snow after X-mass then rain washes it away. Sort of like shampoo... rinse and repeat. It never stays, but it's been below freezing since last Fri and snowed Sat. (which stayed) Yesterday it snowed about 6".
  16. This is another 'item' we all should slip into our pocket when at the yards. The pin from any car or truck up to about '86 should work.
  17. Cylinder spacing and head bolt location are the same. But that's only the easy stuff.
  18. Crap. Another think to keep my eye on to see who's the most popular or popular wanker.
  19. Rep... does it really matter? Waaa, you prick! You hurt my feelings! [http://i138.photobucket.com/albums/q251/datzenmike/1.gif[/img]"]
  20. ANY thing that increases air flow or makes it easier the motor to pump air, will increase power. As long as the leaf blower output is higher in cfm than the needs of the motor, some build up of pressure will exist. Naturally it will be highest at low speeds when the motor isn't drawing much air and least 'boost' at high RPMs An L20B at 6,000 RPMs full throttle needs 211 Cubic feet of air a minute. Leaf blowers produce 350 to 600 cfm. There ia a 5 hp 35oo cfm monster.
  21. ...or shitty job man. Go outside fall down and fuck off? I also like in the Friends column: datzenmike has not made any friends yet Befriend datzenmike We could form little 'in' cliques. Hey Dave wanna join up and fight the insomniacs? Maybe tomorrow? It's past bedtime.:D
  22. And in the movie "take this job and shove it
  23. The vacuum for the secondary opening is a the combined vacuum across both venturies and not the manifold vacuum at all. In other words, the if secondary opening were dependent on manifold vacuum, it would try to open on deceleration or idle when it is high and not want to open when vacuum is low like full throttle. Venturi vacuum is dependent on how much air is passing through it and can be high even if the manifold vacuum is low. It is possible that the diaphragm is leaking or torn.
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