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Advert Questions posted by datzenmike

  1. The horns are probably not L&R specific but they are high and low tone. The right side is the high note one.

    You might consider using a 610/710/B-210/521 They look the same and probably are... with only the mounting different. I doubt Nissan made something so common specifically for each model.



    The Later S10 200sx and the HL510 are different looking.

  2. I can't see anything on mine unlike the L20B/Z20 which are the same and have a big U60 cast into a throw.


    The part numbers are 12200-06W01 for the 200sx Z22 and 12200-06W80 for the 720 cranks.



    If the titanium rods are for a stock length Z22S or early Z22E at 145.9mm long they will also fit the L20B engine as they are the same.

  3. "Sorry, L20b/A87 head, square port....I thought all the square port 4 cylinder L series  heads used the same exhaust manifolds. "


    For L20B the W58 heads are round port and the exhaust is separate from the intake.

    For L20B U67 square port, the exhaust and intake are bolted together.

    For L20B A87 square port you could use the above co-joined manifolds or the earlier L16/18 4 into 2 exhaust. A different manifold altogether.




  4. The 71B series of 4 and 5 speed transmissions should work... they use the same bushings and cup on the bottom. This would include the 280z and zx (non turbo) the 810/Maxima, 620, S110 200sx and the S12 200sx to '86.5. It would also include the 720.


    Some later 720s and the S110 and S12 may have this design... (the black ones,but they will still work, and out of sight anyway)





    I checked the 63A shifter for the B210 and different but the 63A in the S10 200sx and the A10 (HL510) will work.


  5. Use a dual point and disconnect the retard set or re-time to full advance on the retard set and wire them on all the time. Points are points, dual or single they do the same thing.


    If this is to convert to one of those after market Pertronix it would be better to get the later EI matchbox distributor and matching coil.

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