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Advert Questions posted by datzenmike

  1. That's the wrong head for an L16, should be  a 210.  Closed chamber A87 is 8.2 open chamber is 7.8 if used on an L16. Check behind dipstick on the top edge of the block for engine ID. This might be an L18, they used the A87.

  2. The automatic cross member appears to sit slightly lower in the center than the manual. It might still work and you can add spacers under the rubber mount between it and the transmission.


    Ive noticed on some Datsuns cars that there are three threaded holes on each side for the cross member. The automatic uses the front and middle holes and the standard cross member uses the middle and the rear most holes.

  3. Z20E.... EFI '80-'81 S110 200sx

    Z20S... Carb '84-'86.5 720 with Mileage option


    Z22S..... Carb '81-'82 720

    Z22E.... EFI '82-'83 S110 200sx


    Z24...... Carb ''83-'86.5 used only on the 720





    The Z24 heads are unique to the 720. The have square-ish intake ports with rounded corners while the Z20E and the Z22 are round. The combustion chambers and valves are the same for all. You could use a Z20E (EFI) or Z22 (E or S) head on a Z24 engine but use the Z20E or Z22 gasket. There is one other head, the Z20S or carb head used on the '84-'86 720. This head has much smaller combustion chambers and has the casting W04 on it. I would avoid the W04 head as the compression would be around 9.25.

  4. I can't see anything on mine unlike the L20B/Z20 which are the same and have a big U60 cast into a throw.


    The part numbers are 12200-06W01 for the 200sx Z22 and 12200-06W80 for the 720 cranks.



    If the titanium rods are for a stock length Z22S or early Z22E at 145.9mm long they will also fit the L20B engine as they are the same.

  5. "Sorry, L20b/A87 head, square port....I thought all the square port 4 cylinder L series  heads used the same exhaust manifolds. "


    For L20B the W58 heads are round port and the exhaust is separate from the intake.

    For L20B U67 square port, the exhaust and intake are bolted together.

    For L20B A87 square port you could use the above co-joined manifolds or the earlier L16/18 4 into 2 exhaust. A different manifold altogether.




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