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    There's a big difference between L and Z oil pans. The engines are tilted... so an L series (on the right) put on a Z series (on the left) will have the bottom of the pan not at all level. Combined this is about a 200 tilt. Like driving around with the passenger side wheels running along the top of a curb not to mention the right side of the pan hangs down and is exposed to speed bumps and man hole lids hitting it..


    If you have a Z series engine you want  a Z series pan.


    Yes an '80-'81 A10 or call it an HL510 to differentiate from the earlier PL510. An '80-'81 S110 200sx will definitely fit the engine but may not the cross member The '82-'83 S110 is a Z22 but same car.  Both are 'front sump but for best fit is this is for an A10 get one from an A10. A10 and S110 cross members are likely slightly different. Likewise the oil pick up tube. If an A10 get an A 10. 



  2. Try turning the 4 ways on and of 40-50 times to clean the contacts.


    Also, when in the OFF position the brake and turn signals are re connected so turn the turn signal ON (L or R) and move the 4 way slowly towards OFF from the ON position. If the turn signal starts working stop. The later 720 truck is notorious for this same thing so worth a try.

  3. 37-00507  Fits sentra 1982 and up.

    Sentra from September '83 and on were all EFI some from August '82.



    37-00523 Fits Datsun 411 and 521, 1300 and ???.  1965-69?

    Probably E-1 or J series. There were no L series these year trucks.


  4. RE: Upgraded to a 5 speed. For the effort, might as well!


    Why getting rid of the cross member, engine plate and the rad? You'll need them. I think the cross member is turned 180 for the standards to line up the mount bolts and the rad won't know the difference. At least keep as a spare.

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  5. L16 and 18 all use a 5 bolt flywheel that will work. The L20B cam is almost exactly the same as the cam in the L16SSS engine in the 510 coupe.


    There will be a 'converter pilot' cap over the end of the automatic crankshaft. This will need to be pulled off before the flywheel will fit on. Also a new pilot bushing needs to be tapped into the end of the crankshaft for the end of the 4 speed to fit into.





  6.  There is no 'shorty' front case. The Z series 4 and 5 speed long or shorty transmission front cases are all the same. During the Z series run, the front counter bearing was increased in size so from 1985 and after had 62mm holes and before that they were all 56mm. Low mileage is meaningless as there is nothing to 'wear out' on a front case.


    Maybe you had better describe what your plans are so we can help. 



  7. Early A12 had oil hole, this one doesn't. Not used after '73 on the new B-210. All A13/14/15 had the oil feed hole from '74 on as oil was pumped up the head bolt hole.

    Early A12 head would have the 'passage for oil' yet the hole is missing (see above sentence) also should have 'no mounting boss' yet you have one. This boss was for mounting the fuel line from '74 on.






    Later US 210 A12 head had coolant passages for the intake, this one doesn't. Safe to say this is not a 210 A12 head.


    A12 are said to be the only A series head without a casting ID. Might be the last of the '73s during the changes to the A13 and A14.

    A13 only used in '74 B-210 would not have had coolant passages or oil feed hole from block. It roughly fits these definitions during the '73-'74 changeover. 






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