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Advert Questions posted by datzenmike

  1. L16/18 clips are different from L20Bs.


    Z20 and Z20E clips with the 4 plug head A10 or S110 200sx are the same as L20B.


    The Z22 in the 720 use clips but different from all others.


    Z20S and E , Z22E (200sx) with 8 plug head and all Z24 use screws



    wayno that may be a Z22 distributor if it has clips. It will still work. Do you have the number on the side of the case? 22100-?????

  2. Does the cam turn freely if you take the rockers off? If yes then you can have the surface milled down flat. Maybe $50. Hell I had a U67 that a high spot in the middle that you could slip a 0.015" feeler gauge under a straight edge. That's almost 4X the allowable limit. I glued 80 sand paper to a glass door from a stereo cabinet. With the rockers all off so the valves were all closed I pushed and pulled the head across the sand paper and ground it down in about 40 minutes. Finished it with 150 grit. Cost me $7 for the paper.


    The low areas are dark.


    Every 20-30 passes blow the granular aluminum dust off the sand paper or it acts like ball bearings.









    Anybody can do this.


  3. The '80-'82 had the tail lights along the bottom and the '83 were vertical at the sides of the box corners. '80-'83 had a outwards facing lip on the box and the tailgate. The '80-'82 tailgate might fit the '83.

  4. I don't think so. There's a check valve on the fuel tank vent to prevent the tank emptying in case of a roll over.



    Gas should not siphon back into the tank unless a hose or clamp is loose letting air in. Besides, there should still be a half cup of fuel in the float chamber from the last time used... enough to start and drive a block.

  5. It was '74 before the 71B 4 spd was used in the 620 truck. The earliest 71B was in the September '71 240z or the start of the '72 model year. I believe September was the change to the '72? I tried to  isolate the front case by part numbers from years I know ere like the 4 speeds. It's too much.


    Just remember to look for the placement of the reverse switch. On the earlier ones they can easily be drilled and tapped and the old hole sealed.


    This guy had the problem with it. He has a '72....http://zhome.com/ZCMnL/tech/240SX5spd/transmission.htm

  6. wfMtzWY.jpg


    The middle shift rod is 3rd/4th, find the roll pin and look down onto the bottom 5th/Rev shift rod and you can see the notch with a ramp on the left. The shift to reverse would move the rod forward so the plunger on the switch is extended but is pushed closed as it climbs that ramp closing the contacts inside and turning on the reverse lights. If the reverse switch was any farther to the left, the contacts would be closed all the time.


  7. If you ever find a remote igniter dizzy grab it even if the remote box is probably missing. A $10  HEI module from a GM distributor can be used by mounting on the fender. Works just as well as the Matchbox.


    If using a Matchbox you can (or should) use the matching coil and get rid of your ballast resistor for the points coil. The Matchbox is capable of handling the higher current of the lower impedance EI coil and gives a higher output spark.

  8. Have a good look at the reverse light switch location...




    Some early 4 speeds, like the one above, have the reverse switch about an inch to the rear of other 4 and all 5 speeds....


    This one was relocated for use with 5 speed guts and the old hole plugged.



    Most later 4 speeds and all 71B and 71C 5 speeds are like this and you can see the earlier raised boss where they used to be.....








  9. 20190915_203432.thumb.jpg.3f88b8222de8e5


    Still looks like 4 speed.                                                                                                                                                                  

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