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  1. I don't even follow Canadian politics. BTW I pretty much despise all politicians.
  2. Absolutely Matt. I've learned a lot about down there that I wouldn't by agreeing
  3. 666 was a joke. What's worse, making a mistake or having found you made a mistake you continue on without correcting it? This is how I feel towards those who elected him. Yes, he was the lesser of two evils. Look up the definition of an opinion.
  4. Is it a dogleg or H pattern? If dogleg then it's very possible the engine came with it and it's from a '79 210. If H pattern then '80-'81 210. Most of these 5 speeds were snapped up by MG owners that wanted a 5 speed for their cars. The MG and the A series engines are so similar the transmission will fit.
  5. Steve !! This is not what happens when the heater is turned off. Then it is, flow is stopped too. If you join them without blocking the flow you are sending HOT water right back into the engine at the lower rad hose and less flow into the rad. This is water not cooled by the rad or the heater and just makes more work for the cooling system. I've done this in the winter, no problem. Sure it will work but this gets increasingly worse as the weather warms or you're climbing a very steep long hill. There is a good chance of over heating.
  6. I guarantee if you look under the hair piece there a three 6s Can't wait till his tax returns come out. A sociopath does not define a stupid person although there are probably some stupid sociopaths. Speaks at grade four level could have been worded better. He is the worst orator ever, even the odd time he has a script. (though I suspect he writes his own judging from the content). Abysmal at ad-libbing. Over uses about 6 simplistic adjectives. Roger Stone is great. He's really great. Really great guy. Not smart doesn't automatically make you stupid. If your IQ is 100 and your voters are all 90s then you are the smartest in the room.
  7. datzenmike


    Fully warmed up 185 on the top of the thermostat housing and top rad hose and just above 1/2 on the gauge. If left idling it climbs to 195 at 2/3 and fans come on. Within 10 seconds they turn off and it's another 30 seconds before they come on again. I'm going to do this again tomorrow, I got some really goofy numbers. Going to shoot the thermal switch that turns the fans on and see what it's set at. Oil temp is 176 but the highest I ever got it was 93C or 199F
  8. datzenmike


    This will not read the engine temperature during warm up when the thermostat is closed and may open and close a few times till the cooling system stabilizes.
  9. In Japan every year or so the vehicle needs a 'certification' to be allowed on the road. When the mileage gets up there, for argument sake, say 50K, the cost for your right to be on the road skyrockets. At some point it's cheaper to buy a new vehicle that to pay for the old one. This is a generalization of what happens.
  10. Engine size and ID is stamped just forward of the distributor hole. The numbers would be on the plate on the body and would only verify that it was the original engine
  11. First, I never used the word stupid once. None of those big words means stupid. I'm thinking it was the gullible stupid people that voted him in. Well you deserve better.. I doubt very much that he's rich, just appears to be. This would explain why he doesn't want his tax returns out. Forensic accountants will find that he would have made more money is he put his father's money in the bank years ago.
  12. Did we discuss that there's a way to run a much larger output volume L series oil pump on the A series??? It keeps the A series top but uses the longer L series trochoid rotor and a modified shaft. Needs a lengthening of the body spacer. Pressure is the same or regulator can be shimmed but the extra volume raises the pressure at idle and very low speeds.The oil feed for the turbo will lower the idle pressure slightly, this will bring it back and then some. There is a high volume pump for the L series and my hot idle pressure jumped from 17 to 29 PSI while keeping the original 55-60 PSI when revved up.. This is certainly in your wheelhouse.
  13. datzenmike


    With the engine thoroughly warmed up and idling the thermostat should be slightly open. It should have a 180-185F thermostat. An infra red gun should read near this. Certainly enough to tell weather the stock gauge is wrong. On my 620 the gauge reads about a needle width past 1/2. It's the same on my 710's L20B. The electric fans come on at about 2/3 and I have an IR gun that I should shoot these for some hard numbers.
  14. Hey, I've had emotional contacts with all my Datsuns. They were never one night stands. Looks like a long wheelbase frame and a vastly shortened box. Roof is weirdly higher at the back. Does the rear seat sit higher than the fronts?
  15. I agree, but haven't the time to study it for days on end. 209 seems like a step in the right direction but then they say that affirmative action gets minorities in over their heads in school loan debts and they are better off just staying in the ghettos. Or something like that. wtf?
  16. Well this hits the nail on the head. He also can be a lying, narcissistic, most unpresidential, adulterous, failed real estate tycoon, misogynistic, adjective challenged, six time bankrupted, sociopath who speaks at a grade 4 level and hangs out with someone who likes very young girls and turns out to be a sex trafficer. And people love him and question nothing about their choice.
  17. Yes for all L series. The crank sprocket is also the same for all Z20 engines and the Z24i used in the WD21 Pathfinder. Yet the Z22 and Z24/Z24i in the 720 lists a different number. (I think they are the same)
  18. There were two grills used so you want the emblem for a '73-'77 grill. They look the same but attach differently. Start a want ad here... https://ratsun.net/classifieds/category/9-datsun-parts/ ... this will keep the forum clear for discussions and information sharing.
  19. On the truck 521 L16...... '70-'72 620 L16...... '73 L18...... '74 L20B.... '75-'79 720....... '80 On cars 610 L18...... '73 L20B... '74*-'76 710 L18...... '74 L20B.... '75-'77 S10 L20B...... '77-'79 A10......... '79** *The first year the L20B was used was on the '74 610 and used an A87 head. All other '75 and up car and truck L20Bs used the U67 head through '77 then switched to the W58 head. **Canada kept the L20B through '80 on the A10 The L18 used in the truck and cars here were A87 heads. The W53 head was used on the L18 in Japan so this supports the entire engine having been replaced with an import. L16 and L18 use the same timing chain. L20B is 4cm longer
  20. A 620 'double cab'? We didn't get them in N America but I know of them. The Middle East got them. Here we look in wrecking or scrap yards where old vehicles are 'recycled' and parts taken off and sold. Sorry, I'm not much help. Welcome to Ratsun anyway...
  21. Yet he's leader of the Liberal party. Go figure.
  22. 1 hour ago, Jesse C. said: What do you mean 'we' fuck head? It was your old man (may he fuddle duddle* in hell) that started multiculturalism in Canada. And I'm fine with that, but that was to get the votes from Quebec. Well fuck Quebec and fuck speaking French, ain't doing it, can't make me do it. N'est-ce pas??? * https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fuddle_duddle
  23. On there, left of the numbers, is the engine size That's right wayno you did on the W53. 521 and 510 didn't have by pass on the thermostat housing just to the intake. Thermostat had 'jiggle valve'. Looks like it should be connected to the hose on the intake and a temp gauge sender put in? Or is there a sender under this?
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