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  1. datzenmike

    Red Neck AC

    Wahahahaha that's Ratsun... right there!
  2. datzenmike

    A 521 in Massachusetts

    If running points 1.2 to 1.43 coil resistance, BUT you must use a ballast resistor, external or inside the coil. Factory ballast resistors are 1.3 to 1.7 ohms. Generally you want a total of 2.5 to 3.0 ohms. The lower the resistance the more output but this will overheat the coil and burn out the points sooner. With the alternator charging at 14 volts a 2.5 ohm points coil is drawing about 5.6 amps with resulting spark to match. Only way to avoid this is an electronic ignition that has about .8 to 1.0 ohms total resistance and there are no points to wear. With 14 volts a 1 ohm electronic ignition and coil can theoretically draws 14 amps. Close to 3 times as much and a higher output. Note however that the EI module has current limiting circuitry that prevent's damage if an even lower resistance coil is used. It also shuts off if the ignition is left ON and not started and the dwell time is increased with RPM to maintain peak output.
  3. datzenmike

    Godzilla, Rebuilding A Monster

    Hell I thought you were onto something there.
  4. datzenmike

    Engine Porn (beyond ... saturation)

    OMG what annoying morons. Same ones that dropped the engine off a fork lift into the engine bay. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8_4N8iHQTQ .Pardon me if I don't stand too close to you guys.
  5. datzenmike

    79 620 voltage regulator

    Do not run a '77 or older externally regulated alternator on a system that is designed for an internal one. Without a regulator output might be set by how high you rev it.
  6. datzenmike

    Flywheel - starter combo

    I was a newbie once and for a short time was the youngest person in the world.
  7. datzenmike

    common parts between engines

    If a 720 you will also need an L series transmission if you put an L series head on it..
  8. datzenmike

    best clutch?

    I would probably go with the Beck-Arnley. The dealer probably still has them. I imagine the PP is under $100 and the disc $70-$80?
  9. datzenmike

    Ignition coil mounting?

    My 620 and my 710 are horizontal.
  10. datzenmike

    74 610 goon fuel vent tank hoses

    Maybe shorten it or a piece of coil spring inside?
  11. datzenmike

    GOONS check in

    Just click on the imgur picture and again on the 'Copy Image Location' (I use Ctrl/C) then come here and click the 'insert other media' lower right of page . On the pop up, select 'insert image from URL', paste (I use Ctrl/V) and boom!
  12. datzenmike

    A 521 in Massachusetts

    Yes the charging system is only 35 amp so a much smaller wire is fine. I'm thinking starting, when a battery flows hundreds of amps to the starter.
  13. datzenmike

    A 521 in Massachusetts

    Specially a relocated battery. As current flow is the same in any part of a circuit the weakest link is the smallest positive or negative wire. Grounds must also be the same size as the positive.
  14. datzenmike

    GOONS check in


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