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  1. '71 is manual choke so not a lot of work to run a manual choke Weber, I agree though electric is the way to go. Just wire it to the hot side of your ballast resistor.
  2. datzenmike


    You can slip the timing cover off and change it without removing the head. The front part of the head gasket only seals in vapors and oil splash. RTV on both side of the old head gasket will take care of that. Remove the front oil pan bolts into the timing cover and loosen 3 or 4 down each side and the timing cover can be pulled out forward. Clean block and timing cover and istal new gasket with a dab of RTV on the two bottom corners where oil pan, block and timing cover meet and the two top corners where head, block and timing cover meet.
  3. Always carry spare oil. Check it every day till you know that you can check it every week. Keep an L series full of oil and water, don't over heat them and you can't hurt them
  4. Does it run? Leave it alone. Drive and enjoy it.
  5. If there is one maybe here?... https://ratsun.net/classifieds/category/8-datsun-vehicles/
  6. Can you also include a picture of the upper rod bearing shell? Probably hone and ring that one, slip it in to your truck and properly rebuild the other. Make sure that piston rocks easily from side to side on the rod and the oil hole is unobstructed on the bottom.
  7. Probably the L and H side. Next time you change the oil pour in the correct amount and take a reading. Then start and fill up the new filter (always a new filter) check and top up the oil. 44W00 is the correct stick. Must be on a bad angle to read high and low on different sides like that. Again refill with correct amount of oil and see.
  8. Well that's the thrust side of the piston. Can't see the bore at all. Can you get closer? And a picture showing a bit of the top of piston 3 from the intake side?? Well if you're going to bore one it's cheaper to do all four. Course you'll need all new over size pistons and rings. The good news is you will have a new engine with hundreds of thousands of miles ahead of it. You could hone it and slap that piston back in with new rings but not worth it to put in your truck unless just something to keep it on the road while actually re-building the one in the truck. Yes you could run one over size piston.
  9. If positives are take as true, false positives would inflate the number and give the appearance of an epidemic where there isn't one. Measures to counteract this perceived threat would ramp up more than needed. If the positive numbers are artificially high the number of deaths would look lower and more survivable than they really are. More positives would indicate a higher transmission rate, even a mysterious transmission rate that couldn't be explained. Why so many positives when they were no where near anyone with co-vid???? Never understood miles and miles of people being tested, then wait 10+ days for results that are 10 + days out of date. You were positive or negative 10 days ago WTF good is that???? Those with no symptoms testing positive maybe had no symptoms because they were negative all along.
  10. datzenmike


    Doesn't the Nissan solenoid also push a lever that pushes the star wheel out to engage the ring gear???
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