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  1. Your remote starter button removes the ignition switch from the circuit. If still acting up then it;s the starter solenoid. Battery is charged? Battery posts and cables are clean and tight? Battery ground cable tightly bolted to the head? Battery positive cable secure to the starter? Starter tightly bolted to the transmission? If any of the above are iffy, full battery power will not be available to the starter to turn the engine.
  2. I don't think the Daily Mail is controversial. It's like Destruction and Co-vid.... entertainment. I see it for what is really is. (and wiki too)
  3. Perhaps a cheap cork type and just needs a slight tightening. They tend to compress and need to be snugged. Never use sealer on a gasket. Sealing is what the gasket is designed to do. Eventually you will want to take the valve cover off and if it's glued on it will... a/ probably tear the gasket that can be re-used. b/ is a pain in the ass to clean head and valve cover to put a new one on. If cork lightly wet the gasket surfaces with engine oil and install. That's a lot of oil under the car. Maybe the oil pan gasket is also leaking or maybe the engine rear seal. I suppose some of that oil may get on the clutch disc and cause it to slip. Clean the engine and see where the wetness is.
  4. Thick? Latina women are thick through the ass. Change my mind.
  5. ... and the piece will get diseased too. If willing to donate and receive what little that will help you, why not the vab???? Fine, finish off what's left of your life but go to the grave knowing you made a choice and stuck with it. Where in the bible does it say you can't have vaccine but you can have someone else's piece of liver. Which is the more stupid? forced to take the jab to save your life (maybe) or refusing it. Tabloid From Wiki... "It has also been noted for its unreliability and widely criticised for its printing of sensationalist and inaccurate scare stories of science and medical research,[18][19][20][21] and for instances of plagiarism and copyright infringement.[22][23][24][25] In February 2017, the Daily Mail became the first source to be deprecated as an "unreliable source" for use as a reference on the English Wikipedia.["
  6. I think I threw this in the back when I got rid of my '78.
  7. End stage liver disease but getting a kidney????? wtf??? End stage means one foot in coffin and the other on a banana peel. Just staving off the inevitable.. Go to fucking Mexico for the procedure, but count your kidneys before you leave.
  8. Had a 5 year old '69 back in the day.
  9. The KA24E or KA24DE both bolt up to the stock 720 Z series transmissions... yes. But that's all... You still have to deal with the oil pan fitment but the custom engine mounts are sold by Steve ... https://ratsun.net/profile/38-2edeye/ ...
  10. The H-233 is way to wide for the 620 and needs to be shortened. With only 4.375 and 4.625 gear choices with LSD, the Hardbody VG 2wd came with better gears, 3.70 or 3.889 you can swap in.
  11. Crazy ideas do sometimes come up with things.
  12. Unplug under the seat to isolate the exterior harness. If it keeps blowing then has to be elsewhere. If it's fine then it's from there back. Trailer hitch splices added by POs are the biggest causes of later problems.
  13. Matt, welcome to Ratsun. The 521 is well liked and represented here. I had a 5 or 6 year old '71 back in the day for about 8 years. This is classic valve cover gasket leaking. Rather than just tighten, and have that not work, I would replace it and snug the bolts down wrist tight to start. Now take to the car wash, the ones with the wands like a power wash and clean everything. Perhaps get a bottle of that citrus de-greaser and spray down everything first. Don't spray directly at the distributor. Later when everything has dried, watch for emerging oil. If at the valve cover carefully snug the closest bolts. A blown head gasket never presents with oil leaking.... It can blow clouds of steam out the exhaust in combination with constant coolant loss. The steam can by pass the rings and mix with the oil turning it a milky coffee brown. It may always over heat One or more spark plugs may be suspiciously cleaner than the others. Get some rain gear on and power wash all that black crap off. It may take multiple trips to the car wash to get it all but take your time. Once cleaned it will stay clean if it was only the valve cover gasket. If you find any more leaks we''ll deal with this later. This is fine!!! Needs a proper 50/50 mix of coolant/anti freeze though, to reduce corrosion. Never use or top with tap water... buy a gallon of distilled water.
  14. Anyone in control is well insulated from the down side of their legislation. (The affluent don't give a shit, I wouldn't either) Waste of time thanking a past legislator, better to thank those idiots that voted for it and never learned from it.
  15. Over tightening leads to cracks, tightening more leads to a larger crack. Yes to the above some kind of thread locker to reduce loosening from vibration. Vibration at idle can also be from... A cylinder with low compression. Check your valve lash. Check both intake and exhaust plugs have spark then... Check set ignition timing
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