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  1. Backfire through the carb? How do you know it was the carburetor as you can't see this when driving? Not saying it can't be, just how sure are you? Through the carb is usually caused a sudden lean mixture. Could also be a tight valve clearance.
  2. I'm saying that a playful pinch isn't of itself inappropriate but it's location can be, is all. Like a pat on the head vs. a pat on the buttocks or breasts. Joe has shown extremely disturbing behavior when it comes to kids. Very disturbing. You would think someone close to him would say something. You would also think that hearing this, he would modify the perception he is projecting. If I came across Joe sitting at a bus stop bench with a minor, I would be compelled to stay. Further I likely would call the police and let them find out who the child belongs too and what's going on. Where there's smoke there's fire. They all work with him and know his proclivities. They never ask him to babysit their grandkids.
  3. datzenmike

    EI dizzy

    jagman, that's from a carbureted Z24 yes? The EFI Z24i uses a CAS crank angle sensor.
  4. What engine is in your 720? Is it loosing coolant and needing to be topped up more often now than before? Were the spark plugs sooty before you replaced the jets? The primary jet is stamped with a number near 100 and the secondary is around 150. They can be mistakenly interchanged producing a very rich primary barrel mixture. If they were already sooty this would indicate a rich mixture. Is the choke shutting off? It should be closed when engine is started cold and open fully in 5-8 minutes. As jagman suggested check all valve clearances. It's free. A compression test on all four might point to something.
  5. datzenmike

    Rear springs

    I only have the '84 FSM. The US standard spring is 109-310 lb/in. The optional spring, which is the same as the 4x4 spring and is the standard spring for Canada is 138-442 lb./in. and the optional Canadian spring is the same as the US standard. The Cab/Chassis spring is 166-649 lb./in.
  6. What I'm trying to determine is, is the relay sometimes not clicking the times he lights don't switch to high beams. If it clicks every time the switch is activated, then the relay is at fault. I'm guessing that the relay can be removed and very carefully pried apart. The contacts inside are likely corroded. Fold a fine piece of emery paper and draw it through the closed contacts to polish them.
  7. I bet if you said it was an early '86 model year you'd get Hardbody parts.
  8. The VIN is standardized now so that all car makers abide by it. In addition, Nissan also has their own codes (not on the VIN) for left or right hand drive, California or Federal emissions equipment, 4, 5 or 3 speed automatic, Standard, GL, Deluxe interior, dual rear wheels, EFI or carburetor. There may be more
  9. Is the relay clicking every time the hi/low is switched? even if the lights don't.
  10. Read between Red/Black and ground. You should have 12v with the switch on low beams. Read between Red/White and ground. You should have 12v in the high beam position.
  11. The Throttle body Z24i was available April '85 and on and most '86 model years began May of '85 a few in June. So there will be a few '85s with the Z24i but most are '86 model years. The seller is probably going by the build date saying '85. ALL '86 model year 720s were built in '85. It's weird.
  12. datzenmike

    My 1971 521

    Only meant it might indicate milling. Amount is anyone's guess, like how long is a piece of string? Again the stock thickness from gasket to gasket is 4.248"
  13. That tapered cone should be polished smooth. Too late I guess.
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