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  1. There is a coolant passage in the back of the KA block that would connect into an oil drain back hole in the L head. I guess an L head will work with a single chain timing chain. You'll need a fuel pump eccentric. A car KA has a large crank girdle but a truck doesn't so fitting it into a Datsun would be easier. KA compression with L head would be around 8.64. I would find a Z24 engine and do it instead. Everything fits. Already as dual timing chain though it needs 4 links added. Compression is 9.44. Your L series oil pan and engine mounts will fit the Z24 but not the KA... KA main bearings are much smaller than L or Z series. Z24 rods (right) are beefier than the KA...
  2. Headlights have their own fusible link. If blown everything else with still work.
  3. datzenmike

    Bent valve?

    Blue wire is for automatic electric choke. Red wire is for idle cut solenoid. Not having the idle cut wired won't cause a fast idle it will prevent an idle. Idle cut must have power to it in order to idle at low speeds. That picture shows the choke closed. Is it closed when warmed up?????
  4. It's ....... possible. Also possible the brushes are frozen, plastic plug in the back is loose, output cable loose, battery cables loose or corroded. Does the starter click or engage at all??? Do the headlight work slightly?
  5. datzenmike

    Bent valve?

    The choke plates should be vertical and fully open when warmed up. If choke is on, the fast idle will be engaged. Electric secondaries ???? No such thing. The 32/36 is progressive. When the primary gets about 50-60% open the secondary begins opening. It's mechanical... if you floor it both will open.
  6. I found a part number from '84 720 on and for '86-'89 D21 that were the same so I would say they are all the same shape just some may have O2 sensor hole or extra air injection tube hole. Best is a used one that isn't broken. The left one is just run of the mill Z24 exhaust. The other is from a later 720 and has the O2 sensor (green wire) and the snake tube isn't on the left one but you can see it has a boss that could be drilled and tapped for it.
  7. Better pull the manifold to work on it. Take the nut you got off to the hardware store or machine shop and they can measure it for threads.
  8. Spraying seems to help so replace the distributor cap and the rotor. If you haven't changed the wires, might be a good time to get rid of the old ones now too. Try to find a cap that has copper terminals inside. Find NGK plug wires. Spend the money now. It's cheaper than being stranded. To help with the start check and set the valve lash and the timing. This should get you through the winter without any problems.
  9. I forgot to check the D21 Hardbody last night. It uses the same Z24 as some of the late 720s but it is in a different body and the outlet down pipe may be angled differently but I don't know. I'll try again tonight.
  10. Good!! Keep in mind that it may have blown for a reason like a short to ground so test that this is not the case or this one will blow also. A fusible link is unique in that the hypalon plastic coating will melt but not catch fire like all other insulations. The last thing you need is a fire. The advantage of a fusible link it it does not blow right away but take 4-5 seconds. This allows it to survive a temporary or accidental short to ground. It is, after all, basically a fuse so always replace with the same rating and always with a 'fusible link' and not just a black wire that may not protect.
  11. Congrats on your wife's new truck 🙄 😄
  12. It should easily go faster than that. Replace the fuel filters. Costs $5 and no harm done. If you have the 8 plug head confirm that both sides are firing. Let me know, it's an easy fix.
  13. All manifolds are the same after '82. There are some differences noted before, but should bolft together the same. Seriously why make a different manifold for different years or trucks using the same engine.?
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