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  1. Changing out rear diffy in my 84 720 4x4, local autoshops hard to find parts, specifically ebrake cables? any tips? Are the rear brake systems set up so they still work if I just leave them off? Have to change out backing plates as good diffy  ones are rusted out and one I am pulling still has good ones. So, axle seals. Strange thing- put new shocks on not so long ago, passenger side still good but driver's side is worn out.

    1. datzenmike



      '83 and on 4x4s with Z24 engines have the Salisbury style C200 differentials. Prior to this all earlier years of 4x4s and all '80-'86 2wd have a removable 3rd member H-190 differential. I imagine the C-200 and the H-190 axle tubes are different diameter and so the backing plates are likely also different. Backing plates have to be from an '83 or newer 4x4.


      Yes the hydraulic brakes continue to work even if the hand brake cables are removed.


      Cheap shocks are....cheap.

    2. weldingrod


      Donor truck also 84 4x4, only short cab and everything looks the same.


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