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    '76 710. prevoius... '78 620, '71 521, '68 510, new '76 B-210 '74 710 sedan
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    Datsuns, disinterested in f/b, tweets, texting, i phones, TV, EFI and Nissan after '96
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    I help others get and keep their Datsuns on the road. If Ratsun was a Datsun I'd be the grease

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  1. hello Mike, just thinking about changing my user name. Can this b done real easy, or would i need to start as a new member?

    1. datzenmike


      Can be done in a few seconds. Just need the new one

    2. islander


      cool, tried some other ones @ first but they were all taken. think "low tech" would b better suited for me. if its not taken can u make the change for me, or tell me how to ,please.

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