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  1. What electronic ignition kits are available for j13?


    1. datzenmike


      You should post in the 520 or 521 forum so you get more exposure to your questions... https://ratsun.net/forum/10-trucks/


      There was no electronic ignitions (EI) on the J13 just points. The J series was used in other countries like Mexico and Central America maybe South America possibly in the late 70s. Have a look at the  https://pertronix.com/electronic-ignition-conversions?year=1969&make=Nissan / DATSUN&model=521 Truck&cylinder=4#auto





      You only need something cheap that gets rid of the points, no need to spend a lot of money on a new coil when the old one id fine.

    2. wayno


      This thread applies to the J13/15 series engines as well as the E1 series engines.

      Mg Midget distributors are cheap, they have aftermarket support, and they will fit the J13/15 also.


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