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  1. Check post in Moderators.

  2. You should ask some questions about this in your own post. There's lots of experience here with truck or car doors.

  3. you may or may not know your pm is full

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    2. cnpbaker


      I see that the lowering blocks can come with a 2 degree taper. I imagine this would be the better choice to maintain the proper driveshaft angel. I'm probably just going to do a 1 to 2 inch max.

    3. cnpbaker
    4. cnpbaker


      what is the length of a 520 bumper to bumper? I found 109"

  4.  I tried to put a Z24 carburetor on an L20B intake and the two bolt holes on the left side of the Z24 carburetor were wider apart. Now maybe the Z22 are the same as the Z24 but better check this. 


    AS for jetting, don't know, but you have the Z24 jets you can swap in?. 

    1. datzenmike




      I kept the intake as it was, and oval-ed the holes in the Z24 carb base and dremeled around them to get the studs through. I wanted to be able to return to an L20B carb if I wanted. I'm almost positive I checked the Z22 carb against the L20B base and it was the same.

  5. Here, is this better???? Looks like status upgrading was disabled. I enabled it.

  6.  I can delete the ad.

    1. dots510


      Thank you for that. Much appreciated 

  7. Transmission together and sealed up and new pilot bushing in yesterday. Transmission in today and only needs oil and shifter/console put back in place. Insurance ran out yesterday..... just as well, I get more done on it when not driving it but can't always drive it if stuff not always done on it. The Datsun dilemma.

  8. Love the new title...INSMNCS: Mike is not happy with you.

  9. 5 comments in last week. The 6th was in 2011.

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    2. MicroMachinery
    3. datzenmike
    4. datzenmike


      May be sleeping down the road at Canby. Anyone want to join me? No spooning.

  10. I never post here because who the fuck would read it?

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    2. jefe de jefes

      jefe de jefes

      Oics or it didn't happen

    3. 420n620


      I'd hit the report button but no one will read this update. FML

    4. Loren O
  11. Thinking about the 'new' member who rejoined us today.

  12. Takes a special person to gain mod review status.

    1. datzenmike
    2. datzenmike


      You usually get a warning so it wouldn't be a surprise when you posts show up a day late.

    3. datzenmike


      No cowbell. Just a Cued Item notification. A list of posts to be considered at an appropriate time.

  13. Your post could have been.... better presented and many questions answered before hand. The videos don't really explain anything either. Questions were asked and not really answered by you. I hope this is accepted a helpful criticism.

  14. Once one person starts the criticism ball rolling others jump in. A sort of mob mentality.

    I'm sure your wires work, that's not the issue, wheather they are better I can't say from your post.

  15. My sedan is home and painted! Wife is so happy she wants me to get my goon done. I think I'll finish lowering the back, hi OP oil pump, oil pressure gauge, fix the heater fan and spend some time picking a color. I won't be driving it in the winter so perfect time to have the body done. I want to change the color so all the door jams have to be done too. Thinking Chrysler Sassy Grass...

  16. Green with antique black hood maybe.

  17. Bought a 20 tooth at Canby for $5. Cheaper than looking through that parts pile.

  18. Hell....... is other people.

    1. datzenmike


      Rather be a mod than a bauss....

  19. Tranny works just fine. Speedo is out almost 10 mph at 70 so will try to fims a pinion in my pile that has more teeth on it.

  20. Just checkin' up.

  21. Ha it was all good. I stuffed a 5 speed in my 710 goon and everything fit!! Fuck I'm stoked. Swapped the tailstock to get a short shifter on it last week and looks like it's all coming together. Thanks guys.

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