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  1. Motorhan Racing

    Bad gauge cluster voltage regulator? Easy $2 fix.

    I'd buy one for my son's '72 510.
  2. Motorhan Racing

    1600 Roadster head bolts, clutch bolts, & flywheel bolts needed

    Nobody has provided needed bolts or specifications in either 'engine' or 'classifieds'. Can anyone help me?
  3. My motor is being rebuilt after sitting unassembled for a while, and I cannot find where I put these bolts. If anyone has what I need, or can tell me the spec's for these, please reply.--Mike in San Diego
  4. Motorhan Racing

    pressure building up in stock 510 gas tank??

    Great info, will play with it tonight. I lifted engine to replace the leaky oil pan gasket (all leak free now), and had to disconnect this vaccuum line. When i just double checked, it's hooked up as it was before engine was lifted, and before the pressure started building up. What in the heck is that crankcase vent tube for anyway?? I'd like to remove and block off if it would run okay. My vapor flow guide valve has one hose coming from the crankcase tube, and one coming from the trunk vapor canister, the third is just capped off with a rubber vaccuum plug, should this one go to one of the air filter housing tubes and which one? I'll take a photo, and report back tomorrow if I've figured it out. Thanks--Mike
  5. Ratsun Experts--I'm daily driving an L18 powered slightly modified '72 510. The fuel tank, in-trunk vapor canister thingy, fuel lines, mechanical fuel pump, intake manifold, and Hitachi carb. are all stock. Recently, the gas tank is building up pressure. Every time it's driven, when we stop and check, there is air/fuel vapor trying to leak out the filler neck seams into the trunk, and when the cap is removed a bunch of air/fuel vents out. I have to remove the cap slowly to keep liquid fuel from spraying out. Does anyone have an idea why this pressure is building up? Thanks--Mike :confused: in San Diego
  6. Motorhan Racing

    WTB -- 510 low back bucket seats

    Yenpit--Great info on the Integra seats, thinking we might have to go that route, but thought we'd try Ratsun first since we've had great success with people and parts we've come across so far!! Great people here :thumbup:
  7. Motorhan Racing

    WTB -- 510 low back bucket seats

    My son's '72 510 4-door has some highback ZX seats, and at a recent Datsun gathering he noticed another 4-door with lowback bucket seats. He likes the idea of more openness and visibility in the interior, so just wondering if anyone has a pair, any condition, that they can part with for a fair price. We'll be re-covering in a matching flat black vinyl, so not looking for any high priced original condition unblemished show car seats. Thanks for reading--Mike in San Diego
  8. Motorhan Racing

    WTB: 510 driver's side eyebrow chrome

    Okay All 510 parts hoarders out there--somebody has to have a driver's side eyebrow chrome trim piece in fairly decent share they're willing to part with! Both leads for Rotary510 and AZhitman have fallen through to this point due to one holding for a friend, and the other only having passenger side pieces (thanks for looking and getting back to me though), so still in the search. Please let me know if you find one. Thanks--Mike :frantics:
  9. My son's car got smacked and a center cap got crunched, so could use a replacement if anyone has one. It looks like this: thanks--Mike
  10. Motorhan Racing

    needed to buy: 510 driver's fender, 14" aluminum ZX rim

    To all who read this and responded--Thanks for the info on all our options with the Datsun/Nissan rims, we found the needed ZX strut housing/spindle and 6-spoke rim at Ecology Pull-your-parts, they wanted $40 for each of these which is slightly more than I thought they would be, plus $5 to remove the wheel lock, plus $6 core charge for tire/rim, plus $2 environmental fee, but we were just glad we were able to find them. We then cleaned up, painted and swapped the springs, brakes & bearings over from our bent strut, and luckily already had a spare Tokico blue strut insert, so mechanically back together. A huge thanks to "craZee" Steve, who not only had a solid fender at a fair price, he lived nearby so no additional wasted money for gas, AND he shared his passion for driving/racing old Datsuns with my son and I, which got my son fired up to get his car back on the road! We still have a little more work to do (about a half inch) to square up the top of the driver's side inner fender/strut tower so the fender and hood have the correct spacing, but it's at least driveable for us to get it to a body shop. We'll have all body work and full paint job done as soon as we get a few estimates. Thomas says he wants it semi-gloss black, not my first choice of colors, but it's his car so we'll see how it turns out. Thanks again--Mike
  11. Motorhan Racing

    needed to buy: 510 driver's fender, 14" aluminum ZX rim

    Eagle Adam--Yes, I now know they are called the "6-spoke" 14" ZX rims like pictured on your white 4 door. I guess they are way too difficult to recognize in my avatar! I do like the look of the iron crosses though. Steve--I'm right by Valhalla HS, so will be calling you later this morning about the fender. Thanks everyone so far, will probably be checking the Otay junkyards for a rim this Saturday--Mike
  12. Okay, trouble with using a '72 510 as a daily driver is when you get hit by some knucklehead! Driver's fender and rim took the brunt, so looking for decent replacements on these in San Diego. Thanks--Mike
  13. Okay, trouble with using a '72 510 as a daily driver is when you get hit by some knucklehead! Driver's fender and rim took the brunt, so looking for decent replacements on these in San Diego. Thanks--Mike
  14. Just looking to replace a severely dented and straightened piece for a better one, at a reasonable price. It doesn't need to be show quality. thanks--Mike
  15. Motorhan Racing

    510 parts for sale good stuff

    I could use a clean driver's side eyebrow chrome piece. Mine was dented pretty well from a PO, and straightened as best as possible, but really needs to be replaced. Let me know--Mike

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