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  1. Paintimg EVERY PEICE of your car the same color, is a sign of mental deficiency.

    Double if that color is yellow. 

    1. datzenmike


      Still have my "RedBanner Made Me Do It" sticker so there.

    2. Draker


      Kind of like how old muscle car motors... assemble then dunk it in orange paint.

  2. Happy birthday jrock 

  3. Happy birthday sexbot 

  4. Happy birthday Robert.

    1. bananahamuck


      Robert is not the  preferred nomenclature man  ,, it's Bob please,,, 


  6. Happy birthday, dr. 


    1. datzenmike


      Nismo Dr??? Indeed happy B-Day

  7. happy birthday Robert.

    1. RedBanner
    2. flatcat19


      Bwahahahaha. Happy birthday, Skibbert.

    3. Skib


      lol thanks, Iv been in Vegas all week, now in LA


  8. sssr420det, happy birthday!

  9. happy birthday, jeffers


    1. mrbigtanker


      what happen to this guy?

    2. Eagle_Adam


      Life, work, and his adorable little girl that I've nick named "giggle fits" seem to occupy his time :)


      Deff not a bad thing tho IMO

    3. mrbigtanker


      so he finally grew up.

  11. wake up fuckers, canbys knockin on your back door.... motavational jam!

  12. everybody call skib and wake him up. its his birthday!

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    2. Guest_kamakazi620


      K dialing right noaw!!!!!!! Pm for phone #

    3. MicroMachinery
    4. Will


      Hey - your messages are all busted. Here's a 710 wagon for the collection: http://portland.craigslist.org/clc/cto/3879683207.html

      Needs a coat of wax.

  13. the fuck ... no canby.... I made you a heavy ass trophy... and you pulled a tristan.... kinda butthurt about it.

  14. l20b, no timing cover, you pull right now for 120$

  15. l20b, no timing cover, you pull right now for 120$

  16. if we are friends, you have my number. glad I didnt get a ratsun tattoo.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. jrock4224
    3. metalmonkey47


      :( We're here when you come back mang.

    4. jrock4224


      now start the daily come back to ratsun text regime...

  17. alot of people ask me or b210 parts. I most likey dont have what you need. I have several 710s, no more b210s. so thank you every body for sending people my way for parts, ive givn away more than I could imagine. but stop.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. jrock4224


      yu u sent me the same part twice though.....well reallyonce since the other one is in the time space continium of the post office....lol

    3. jrock4224


      got any 5 sp?

    4. bananahamuck


      Do you have any sexual chocolate left??

  18. its hardwyres birthday. happy birthday you clever basturd!

  19. its chesters birthday! he wants spankins!

    1. MicroMachinery


      Time for his birthday tazings.

    2. Jayden71


      TAZE ME BRO!

  20. I dont know how I got here.... I need a blanket.

  21. I just owned a facebook troll in a gangster rap battle. at the end of wich I texted his girlfriend's mom (whos house he lives in) and had her tell him how proud of him she was... sucka!

    1. Farmer Joe

      Farmer Joe

      my cars so low, it be dropped on blocks. said fuck it cuz i dont need no shocks....

    2. Farmer Joe

      Farmer Joe

      james and tendril better not be freestylin at me again this year...

    3. RedBanner


      Buaaahahahahahaha! It was soooo fucking funny!

  22. portland a series guys. jump on this. 63a b210 5 speed http://portland.craigslist.org/yam/pts/3760812906.html

    1. RedBanner
    2. Kirden


      That is sexy. Wondering if my B210 has a dogleg (doubtful...)

    3. MicroMachinery


      Wish I woulda known earlier. I live 12min from there.

  23. huge 100' long 10' tall 6' wide million pound fucking I beam go home, your drunk.

  24. just took over a storage unit full of datsun stuff, lots posted for sale, lots coming soon.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. RedBanner


      I got a few heads, open a87, and u67 that looks to be full height, will post them today.

    3. peanutbuttercups
    4. jrock4224


      bananan your just jealous that banner and i had a threesome with a dead hooker both before and after the TOD

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