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  1. Paintimg EVERY PEICE of your car the same color, is a sign of mental deficiency.

    Double if that color is yellow. 

    1. datzenmike


      Still have my "RedBanner Made Me Do It" sticker so there.

    2. Draker


      Kind of like how old muscle car motors... assemble then dunk it in orange paint.

  2. Happy birthday jrock 

  3. Happy birthday sexbot 

  4. Happy birthday Robert.

    1. bananahamuck


      Robert is not the  preferred nomenclature man  ,, it's Bob please,,, 


  6. Happy birthday, dr. 


    1. datzenmike


      Nismo Dr??? Indeed happy B-Day

  7. happy birthday Robert.

    1. RedBanner
    2. flatcat19


      Bwahahahaha. Happy birthday, Skibbert.

    3. Skib


      lol thanks, Iv been in Vegas all week, now in LA


  8. your already so far past that man. Good work.
  9. Not my first cheap a10 wagon, but my most recent. http://www.nwdatsuns.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1325
  10. sssr420det, happy birthday!

  11. happy birthday, jeffers

  12. id don't have any more info than that sorry. I ordered the "ultralight 4 piston " calipers from wilwoods website. they have them for several thickness of rotors. those are 13s, and you can see I have lots of room, some wheels fit different. my steering knuckle and outer tie rod are closer than my caliper, the the wheel
  13. I'm running the mkclots/morrisun front brakes, they fit under 13" turbines with minor caliper shaping. another, more indepth swap could be zx struts with a wildwood ultralight 4 piston caliper for a 3/4 width rotor. its a smaller caliper that works alittle different than the zx caliper, so you can move it in real close for clearance. 13x7et0 libre has plenty of room df, I had to use a 210 centerlink, pitman arm, and steering arm, (in an emergency) i found that the centerlink was 14plus mm wider from inner tierod to inner tierod. i figured it was becase the lca pivot was moved outward slaightly. about 8-10mm per side. i think that is why people assume it would widen the width, because the track width is wider, but extended between the lca pivots and inner tie rods.
  14. 350 bucks. this thread will get locked being a sale thread in the wrong spot, but you could probably ask what they are worth without an issue
  15. RedBanner

    78 810 coilover?

    those are for sure double adjustable. and not the "weld on adjusable" most uf us run.
  16. RedBanner

    78 810 coilover?

    can you share the megan kit your reffering too? i have not seen the double adjustable ones. except there McKinney ones. the ones on ebay claim to have adjustable ride height, but in the fine print they say that it is single adjustable, the spring perch moves and thats what they call adjustable ride height. wich is misleading i think. as for the tube diameter, maybe mikes right, but i havnt had any luck using 2 inch stuff on 240z struts, or 260z struts, wich appeared to be 2.25 diameter.
  17. RedBanner

    78 810 coilover?

    i dont know what the rear top hats look like on a 4 door sedan, the length issue would be a problem if it interfears with the wheel, as the z car ones are 3 inches longer(aproxamatley) and the diameter issuewill facter in there as well. you would want the same diameter front adjustment sleeves as the zx, or 510/610/710/210/b210/ excetra a 1/4 inch wider threaded sleeve could limit your width and offset. for sure if its the longer adjuster as in you will need to run -12 more offset then the guy with the zx adjustment sleeve, (not hard to find spacers) or a 1/2 narrower wheel if your keeping it in the fender. but I think the megan ones are just single adjustable, so no prelaod settings are available unless you have them fully up. bc offers double adjustable kits (1200 bucks) and troy ermish has some, wich are probably the same ones idk for sure. but they limit ride height adjustment to around 2 inches. if you are adding preload. your current struts, plus a 250bucks for threaded sleaves and a custom pring rate, could be just as effective (and easier to use), and fit a wider wheel than the megan kit.
  18. RedBanner

    78 810 coilover?

    that would work a lot better. (a gave the suggestion on your fb post.) assuming your kit is good for the zx and not just the z. as the strut tubes are different lengths and diameters.
  19. RedBanner

    78 810 coilover?

    that was diplomatic. very informative, and also it made me laugh, ad boobs and it was a hat trick. perfect post. trashy, if you truly need an apology to continue your task, then I'm sorry I hurt your feelings.
  20. RedBanner

    78 810 coilover?

    you might get alot more help with a different approach, the " i build racecars for a living, only the best, i know what im doing!" is not meshing with your "can i use this stuff, from a completely different car on my car?" questions. your struts have built in insert tubes welded to the spindle, no lower adjustment, no clamp on hub/spindle. there is no bolt on fan boy kit to help you "build" your car. you have to go out to your car, remove the wheel (with tools) and get in there and check it out. pretty simple compared to some of those other cars. as for the rb swap.... you couldn't get the bumper off, I have doubts bro, but cool story.
  21. RedBanner

    78 810 coilover?

    as a racecar builder it should be pretty easy to fit the sx stuff you want to run.
  22. no. they do not like that. but also yes.... you can, a couple times.
  23. here are 10 inch tires, some 12s and 13s too http://www.minimania.com/ss/TIRES
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