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  1. Time to start an official project thread... 8 years ago I rescued this peach out of a swamp in someone's backyard in Kerrville, TX. $430 on eBay. An early 1970 4-door (old granny speedo), it was bought new by an old lady in San Antonio until 2002, then driven into 4 feet of water by the chick who had it in 2002. Sat, grew mold, was hauled to Akron, OH. Long trip. The sweet dash... Anyways, tore it down, left it in the garage for, oh, 8 years. Started grabbing some parts finally. Picked up a set of 280ZX from strut towers with brakes from a local salvage yard (lucky hit on craigslist). And a couple weekends ago, snagged a KA24DE w/5-speed from Matt @ Slick Motor Sports (North Ridgeville, OH). Dude does some great work on Subies, Mitsus and Nissans (including a sweet 240Z with an RB26 in it). Now I have this cherry: And the trans... SO! Getting started. Next step is to get the garage in order, and start stripping the old paint from the datsun and giving it a flat black to start cutting on. Not much metal to mess with. Little rust in the rear window channel. That's really it. Clean and solid car. I'll probably clean up and seam weld the engine bay. Flip the engine cross-member (lots of welding there), custom trans cross-member, the usual. I just want to get the car rolling and in the stance I'm looking for. Then I can start dropping in the rest of everything. I'll post sporadically, since I get to work on it sporadically (2 kids under 3). On from here! Later...Aaron
  2. I'll pay to get them to Ohio if you still have these.
  3. Yeah...my 510 was an old ladies from San Antonio. Hauling back 24 hrs to Ohio was a pain. I think I'm looking for a runner, original L16 engine (L20 is fine, too), relatively unmolested. $3000 or less.
  4. Hey, I'm going to be going to the F1 race in Austin in November. I live in Akron, OH. When I bought my first 510, if was a non-runner in Kerrville, TX, and a friend and I drove down and hauled it back. THIS time, I think I might like to find a driver and drive back from Texas. If there's anyone in that area who has a decent runner they'd like to sell, I'm interested. Like I said, not going to be there until November, but I figured I'd start looking now. Thanks!
  5. Hey everyone! Great site, finally time to say hi. I have a 1970 (69.5 really) 4-door 510. Bought it out of a swamp in Kerrville, TX 7 years ago. Stripped the crap out (all of it, really), and now it sits in my garage. It's time to get moving. KA24DE + 5-spd and ECU have been found nearby, money is available. I'm going to build a street prepared racer for auto-cross. I've been going to the Akron NORA meets for a while, but have dropped out a bit as my daily driver becomes old and decrepit (2003 Spec-V). I'll be searching around for some of the great info here, as well as posting some updates as I get going. Here's the car as it was dragged home: P6260054 by kman510, on Flickr And as it now sits: P6051929 by kman510, on Flickr Aaron
  6. Wow! That's just like mine...is going to be. First 4-door I've seen being built in a long time. I'm going KA24, as I can find one for a few hundred nearby (tranny and all). Not even started on mine, though. It waits patiently for me in the garage. Same color too. Some kind of tannish-yellow, or whitish tan or something. I'll be really interested in what class you auto-x it in. I think if I can keep close to the rules, I can run in DSP with that KA. 510's are FSP with L-series, but since the 240SX is a DSP car, you have to run there. Anyways, this post is permanently in my bookmark list. Good luck! My dime, as it sits, and has sat since being pulled from a swamp in Texas and stripped of the mess: P6051929 by kman510, on Flickr On the way home 7 LONG YEARS AGO! P6260054 by kman510, on Flickr Aaron
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