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    1972 Datsun 240Z, 1974 Datsun 260Z, 1976 Datsun 620 Longbed Pickup, 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP
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  1. I'd like to purchase another of your DA 322 Air Dams for my 1967 620 Longbed.


    Have tried to email you to no success. 


    Thank you.

    1. datzenmike


      Must mean '76 😄

    2. Pacific coast Datsun

      Pacific coast Datsun

      Hi John..i dont sell the fiberglass parts..my friend does..give me your email adress & I'll forward it to him.

  2. Time Left: 5 days and 22 hours

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    • USED

    Thanks everyone...I've found what I need! New or Good Used Steering Column Cover ("Clamshell") for a 1976 Datsun 620 pickup wanted. I will gladly pay for shipping if you're not within driving distance of Orange County, California


    San Clemente, California - US

  3. Time Left: 3 days and 15 minutes

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    Thanks everyone! I found what I needed. I need the plastic "clamshell" steering column cover (holds the ignition switch and hazard lights switch) for my restoration. I'd prefer new but a good used one will suffice. Thank you.


    San Clemente, California - US

  4. "That Z Shop" (Mike's Z Shop) has worked on my 1976 620 Longbed, and he's done a GREAT job on it. It looks, rides, runs and (especially) stops better that when my dad brought it home from the dealer in 1976! Mike's Z Shop is the ONLY place I'll take any of my Z's or my pickup. Great service, always reasonably priced. He can make anything run like a champ! http://www.mikeszshop.com/ Oh, and no, I'm not Mike or in any way affiliated with the shop. I'm just tickled that there's such a good, honest shop around to work on my old Datsuns.
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