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  1. sal

    510 ecoboost

    Most everything fits as if it was made for the car the only down side is the limited space for the radiators and such. Would of gone with a hydrobooster but this engines have no power steering pum.
  2. sal

    510 ecoboost

    Engine 2.3 ecoboost, trans 10 speed automatic with paddle shifters i want to have traction control too
  3. sal

    510 ecoboost

    The engine and trans are in. That is as far as I have gone, stopped there need to figure out the braking system at this point no room in the engine bay for a booster so any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  4. newer engine in older car is ok as long as it retains all the emission components but they have to be legal engines in ca those two are a no go for emisions
  5. usually when this trans are run low on fluid they tend to scratch the bearing causing the noise. The main input shaft bearing specially, also the rear counter shaft bearing is notorious for failing. So more than likely they are both bad i tried to post pics but couldn't but if you take the front cover like the above pic and see any change in color in the metal then a rebuilt is at hand. They are really simple to fix if you have a press or large bearing extractor.
  6. Did you remove the distributor or the oil pump?
  7. The switch that goes on your pedal dude so you can start your vehicle that's how I did it there is always other ways of doing things as for the 720 accessories fitting a d21 no clue I had a truck for spares so I used everything of it. Now I just finished rebuilding the auto trans I will post pictures of the what's needed.
  8. sal

    dead 620 tranny

    That you are describing sounds like your input shaft bearing is going bad for that matter all your bearing. I just rebuilt one with the same symptoms I will try to post pictures of them latter.
  9. sal

    Need some help

    Cali smog sucks, but nice ride. Things to look for on the truck are thermostat gets stuck and it leads to overheating, freeze plugs driverside cylinder #4 check for rust and pretty much you have the rest. Overheating is the main issue due to what I mentioned.
  10. sal

    EFI z24 Need info

    Nice I would love to do the same to mine.
  11. Yes it still on I was there last night.
  12. Yes it still happens I was there last night there were some nice rides.
  13. I would like to see some pictures.
  14. Sweet ride dude. I think you are ridding on the bump stops I tried to lower my d21 the same way did exactly what you are describing.
  15. Sound like you might have a synchronizer going bad,and if you are at neutral and parke do you hear like there is a grinding noise that ceases when you apply the clutch then you might have a bearing problem too.
  16. Trans mount and cross members are different, the clutch slave cylinder are the same but the master cylinder is different, am not sure about the pedals and for the switch there is a green-red cable that you can run the switch of it under the dash I did this last year and switch back auto I have everything to do the swap I will try to post same pictures.
  17. Man I though I had problems with mine. That sensor you are talking about is the one that tells the computer the temperature.
  18. Nice ride I have 3 of them a red a white and a blue they are tough I just finished replacing a chassis on the red one if any question on how to let me know.
  19. If master and slave cylinders are working properly then your synchronizers are bad. if automatic check the fluid level if ok then try to do an oil change if still have problems then take it apart may be a solenoid or friction material gone from clutch disks
  20. I have been trying tu upload some pics but can't do it on my phone i will try latter so you can see what i am talking about.
  21. Nice man if you are going to tackle that yourself. You will need at least 5tons of pullin power a press if prefered. Not to discourage you is more so that you know olso you should replace all bearings because the countershaft bearing usually go bad at the same time as the main input shaft bearing. I have rebuild many of this nissan/datsun transs and they all had the same bearings going bad.
  22. You will need -brake pedal -clutch pedal -master cylinder -slave cylinder -hydraulic lines -prorportioning valve -drive shaft -trans mount -flywheel -clutch assy. -reverse and neutral switch connectors -speedo cable ( you might be able to use existing cable)
  23. Where are the pics frim last meet?? I would love to see them.
  24. Sound like your O2 sensor is done for i had my truck do the same chanched it and problem solved only 25 bucks.
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