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  1. 810wagn


    Glock 22 .40 :wub: and one them Ayy-Are-Fidteen-A-Salt-Rifles affectionately named "ghost guns." although I prefer the term "Sport Rifle"
  2. 810wagn

    Engine Porn (beyond ... saturation)

    I may be partial to this but hot-boats have the best engine porn around: 580 C.I. single dominator, plate nitrous system (no longer have this motor in the boat though) red boat is also ours, green/black boat is a friends (blown gas w/ carbys) Sonnys Racing Engines 802 C.I (This is a STREET driven PUMP GAS sub 8 sec car) Gasser Porn: When you see it :w00t: Alfa 1750: Sundance Datsun powered boat: Ratty homegrown turbo build: Up close and personal w/ a NHRA pro stock car:
  3. Yes I was referring to a press in ball joint. The 910's don't have the 3 bolt style as most other Datsuns do. BUT if the actual tapered portion of the a10 ball-joint is the same then I see no reason it wouldn't work. As far as the sway-bar goes, I would take some quick measurements and see if the s13 one would fit with the a10 LCA's (unless you know it wont work). They might be the same. If you end up trying to use the s13 arms don't let the Tension rods deter you from doing so. Modifying the bracket so they work is fairly simple.
  4. Hey mhub91, look at this writeup I did on swapping s13 gear into my 910. Might be able to help you out. http://community.ratsun.net/topic/64679-s13-front-cross-member-suspension-swap/ If the a10 has a LCA with a similar style ball joint as the 910/s13 (which are identical) then you wont have to change LCA's and therefore wont have to mess with the TC rods. Just bolt the s13 knuckles, hubs, brakes and springs/struts to the a10 LCA's. then the only thing you'll have to figure out is the steering bits. Hope this helps
  5. 810wagn

    Turbo Maxima Wagon Project

    Here is the list of parts I used for the s13 front suspension/ cross member swap. S13 Crossmember, LCA's, Knuckles, Hubs and Steering Rack and Tein adjustable tension rods. S14 Inner Tie Rods and SPL adjustable outers. Z32 30mm aluminum calipers and 4 lug drilled and slotted rotors (ebay special) Stance Coilovers and camber plates. For a "basic" swap all you would need is: Hubs, knuckles, s13 brakes/rotors, and springs/struts or coil-overs and possibly inner/ outer tie rods. This would be a great "stock" brake and suspension upgrade.
  6. 810wagn

    Turbo Maxima Wagon Project

    Thank you, its got a long way to go!! Turns out i got rid of them, i think another member has them now, but if you click the facebook link in my signature there is a guy named Justin on that page who has a set of s12 pedals. not sure what it takes to make them fit because I ended up using a set of Maxima pedals but they are almost identical. Yea I used the s13 control arms and knuckles. IF you dont want to do the complete swap as I have done you can just bolt s13 knuckles to the 910 LCA. The s13 and 910 ball joint are the same... That way you don't have to do the TC rod swap, you would have to figure out the steering though, but id be willing to bet the 910 stuff will bolt right to the s13 knuckle with minimal effort I did the full swap because I wanted to have everything adjustable. the TC rods, the coilovers and adjustable tie rod ends all allow me to make changes to the suspension that I couldn't do if I had just used s13 knuckles on the 910 LCA.
  7. 810wagn

    Turbo Maxima Wagon Project

    I ended up using a set of 910 pedals I found. The mid 80's s12 pedals will work, they just take a bit more massaging to do so. I cant remember what I did with the s12 pedals I had. I'd sell them to you though if I still have them. If not check junkyards, they pop up occasionally.
  8. OK folks, here is my write-up on the S13 front cross-member/ suspension swap I did into my 910: First part of the subframe swap was getting all the old parts out, a dozen or so bolts and brake lines, calipers etc. and the entire Maxima front suspension was out. Motor, trans and all the other bits were already out and gone. You CAN leave the Maxima cross member in and bolt the all the S13 stuff to it, but I'm not sure how the tie rods will work out, and the tension rods will be in a different place. You can probably thread S13 inner and outer tie rods into the 910 rack for the steering portion but don't quote me on that.. After that was out I cleaned up the engine bay and painted it. This car lived in a field for 5 years so everything was filled with rat shit and dry grass. I mean EVERYTHING. Then I had to figure out where to mount the S13 sub-frame. I took the maxi and s13 sub-frames, put them side by side and started measuring. I realized that the rear mounting hole for both the frames were in the same spot (in relation to the engine mount location). After that I marked the location for the front subframe bolts, dropped the subframe again and drilled the new front holes. Make sure its square, and use a long enough bit to make it through both sides of the frame rail without having to do the top and bottom separately to make it easier on yourself. I also came up with a new anti-crush tube for the new forward holes (no pictures) but I just used some steel tubing with the right ID for the sub-frame bolts, drilled out the new forward mounting holes slipped them in and welded them in place. The finished result: After that just bolt everything else up to the sub-frame. Power steering rack, control arms, knuckles, all that goes on just like if you were working on an S chassis. PS rack in background and Stance camber plates test fitted: Hubs, Knuckles, Steering: Z23 brakes: All that stuff is EASYY until you get to the TC rods. I could do an entire write up on the TC rods (and will when I remember where I put all my papers with measurements and drawings) It wasn't a huge pain in the ass but it does take quite a bit of measuring and cutting and drilling to make sure that the holes you drill in the TC mounts are square and in the same location on both sides. Be patient and this will go smoothly. I used a set of Tien tension rods in case you were wondering. So, the first step for me was getting the tension rod mount off the car and cutting out the piece of metal on the 910 tension rod mount that mounts the big ugly (stock) threaded tension rod to the car. Then I put it back on the car and mocked up where I wanted to put the holes to mount them, took some measurements and took it back off the car. I took the mounts into my shop and made some more accurate measurements to make sure both mounts were marked in the exact same spot. Then I chocked them up in my drill press and drilled the holes. As you can see in the pictures I went through where there was the most material but had to put a washer on either side of the tension rod to take up the rest of the slop. There are no binding issues the way I have done it here, at least not that i can tell playing with it in my side-yard (I do that a lot) You MIGHT be able to use the s13 or r33 Tension rod brackets on the 910, if you have a set laying around give it a try, I didn't so I modified mine. It might be less work than what I did here. If not this way is not that complicated, just measure twice drill once. Hope this is helpful to you guys, if you have any questions or if anything is confusing, ask me ill probably be able to explain it or send you more pictures. I will update this will more info as I do more. Steering and Coilovers are next. :D
  9. 810wagn

    Turbo Maxima Wagon Project

    HRH, yea they are Welds. Fronts are 17x8 rears are 17x9.5 don't remember the offset but is fairly low because they fit inside the stock body (barely) lol..
  10. 810wagn

    Turbo Maxima Wagon Project

    Dukerollo, yea I flocked it myself. I used a kit from flockit.com, it was really easy actually and turned out pretty darn good.
  11. 810wagn

    1984 Datsun Maxima 910 Project.

    Replace the shifter pads while you're in there refreshing the trans.
  12. 810wagn

    Turbo Maxima Wagon Project

    Picture update of the last 2 years of progress, not as much as I would have liked, but its progress. I should start updating this more often. Pictures are in chronological order. Head torn apart and rebuilt with the ports cleaned up by me: T5 Transmission purchased, cleaned up and refreshed with bronze shift cup and shifter pads: 910 manual pedals installed: 240sx crossmember in: 910 TC rod mounts modified for 240sx rods: 240sx LCA's, TC rods and s13 rack with s14 inners and adjustable outers: Engine progress: Intercooler mockup: Dash cracks fixed and dash flocked: SDS EFI in place of the clock: Dash installed with my new wheel: :thumbup: Hubs/knuckes/ z32 30mm calipers and rotors: Last but not least more engine porn: :wub: :D More to come soon!
  13. 810wagn

    1984 Datsun Maxima 910 Project.

  14. 810wagn

    1984 Datsun Maxima 910 Project.

    Nice build man, I'm doing the same thing but mines a wagon. Where did you get your clutch lines? Did you also get a braided slave line? Im still trying to wrap up my motor build but this build is giving me all sorts of ideas and inspiration. Keep up the good work! Can't wait to see this finished. BTW there's a website called oeminteriors or something like that that sells carpet kits for the 910. They come in every color imaginable including neon. Lol I'll see if I can find the exact site.
  15. 810wagn

    810 datsun/s13 front conversion

    So the s13 cross member fit on the 810? I have a 83 810 wagon, also a diesel. I'm going with a 280zx turbo motor. I was thinking about doing s13 coils/ lower controll arms. Basically full s13 suspension. Do you have pics of your suspension? I'd like to see it.

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