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  1. dat521gatherer

    76 Datsun B210 Carburetor issues

    Check your throttle return spring. Mine broke the other day while driving and made my rpms go crazy between shifts.
  2. dat521gatherer

    Loren O's '72 521 -Found this out in the woods.

    Glad you're ok Loren. Sorry about the truck.
  3. dat521gatherer

    A new addition to the family

    I replaced the ebrake handle. Well I tried to. Apparently the chrome one I bought has a shorter cable assembly. So the chrome on the handle is just a slip on cover that can take off and put on my shitty looking handle.
  4. dat521gatherer

    A new addition to the family

    Yeah three months later. I don't have time or money for body work so I just took the rust down to bare metal and hit it with primer until it can be fixed properly.
  5. dat521gatherer

    L20b Front Cover Issues

    The hard part is getting them out. Soak with kroil or wd-40 ect. Work them back and forth little by little. If the head gets rounded pound a 12 point socket that's slightly smaller than the head onto it. If the head breaks off just drill it out and tap it. I forget the size.
  6. dat521gatherer

    521 speedo cable

    Don't know about PIONEER brand but you can have your old one rebuilt at Tacoma Speedometer. http://www.tacomaspeedometer.net/
  7. dat521gatherer

    Just a L-16, and its two big brothers.

    VW Oil pan drain bolts work great to plug off exhaust ports.
  8. dat521gatherer

    A new addition to the family

    I pick up a better rear seat but when I took the old one out it went from easy swap to another project. I cleaned it up under there but cant seem to figure where the water is coming from to cause the rust spots with a hole of coarse.
  9. dat521gatherer

    A new addition to the family

    Got the gx steering wheel a while back. I heard these came on all the hatchbacks and the 200sx first gen?
  10. dat521gatherer

    my new 521

    I agree. I did on my other 521 but forgot that I hadn't so when I get some extra cash I'll put some in. On a side note the 9 led cool white for my dome light has been discontinued.https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/ba9s-ba7s/ba9s-led-bulb-9-smd-led-tower-ba9s-retrofit-car/9/67/ Thanks Tanker.
  11. dat521gatherer

    my new 521

    I bought a 411 sss cluster that was pretty rough. It cleaned up better than I thought it would. Good enough to use the face from it. The speedo was seized and the rear housing had some extra brackets so instead of cutting them off I just swapped the gauge face into my cluster.
  12. dat521gatherer

    my new 521

    Damp rid.
  13. dat521gatherer

    my new 521

    Everything is looking like shit.
  14. dat521gatherer

    my new 521

    Defrost tubes were cracked too so I taped them up.
  15. dat521gatherer

    my new 521

    Of coarse my vent boot looked like shit so I reached into my stash to find the next worse one to use. Someone really needs to repop these. I chose to use the second one. As soon as I started putting it in it crumbled in a couple spots so I taped it up. The tape wouldn't stick because I just sprayed them all with 303 aeroapace.

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