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  1. please see first post. I've included the link to some more pictures of the car which would give you a better idea of it's condition here is the download rar pictures: http://rdtech-online.com/datsun510.rar
  2. if you want more pictures, email me sales@rdtech-online.com. I have some that was taken with my iphone. The air suspension has a pump and a tank in the back. If you live close, just stop by the shop and check out the car.
  3. still have. Theres been a lot of interest from the community but no ones serious.
  4. Probably not. If you have a credit card, I can take full payment through my shop. or a split credit card / cash.
  5. did you look at my post? http://community.ratsun.net/topic/31743-1973-datsun-510-2-door/
  6. bump for today. still for sale.
  7. air suspension shocks are Parker P1L.
  8. I"m at my shop at 6pm at night. Tonight I started sanding the inside to bare metal. We'll see how far I get. 916 612 1746 if you want to reach me. I'd say to come before and be at the shop around 6:30pm. Sometimes leave early. Shop info can be found here www.rdtech-online.com
  9. Wat - I will have to take some pic of the air suspension and send it to you
  10. rdtech

    I'll have to take pictures of the air suspension kit and let you know later.

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