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  1. I wish it was as simple as posting a photo from my phone.
  2. Photobucket is now charging monthly. Not easy for me to post pics now. She's up and rolling. All my big mods are installed. Lots of raw welds but it looks bad ass. Lost of welding to go.
  3. I like how this is going. I always wondered how those 20" Titan's would work. In my mind 18's were as big as we could go.
  4. These light buckets were not to my standard so I had to make some changes before template is made to cut out holes in bed.
  5. Front vallance is almost done. Light pockets are the last thing to do.
  6. I like seeing how the love of Datsun's can make people go BANANA'S! on bad ass mods.
  7. Had center link modified and shortened. Drastickly lowered stock link cant bring toe in enough and tires get chewed up. Nut welded on for easier adjustment
  8. Body work finished. This is a custom colorprime i made for being able to roll around non spoty style like grey primer
  9. I like the rasberry with blue pearl. But those days are over for me.
  10. I'll have bodywork done soon and prime it in a custom mix orange urethane flexible primer.
  11. I did this bumper 25 years ago and wow I found alot of flaws. My skill level is a world apart now.
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