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  1. I bought a wagon rear swaybar from him years ago. It didn't fit right(end link location was off) and he had me over to his house to correct it. Turns out there were two bends missing and with a quick tweak in his machine he added the correct angles to bring the ends in line with the end links. Great guy, super friendly and helpful. It's nice to know we still have resources for this stuff.
  2. Yeah, they held it over our heads. If it wasn't paid we wouldn't be able to rent the space again. We lost our storage for all the club stuff too, another freebie when Dave was Pres.
  3. It was the fairgrounds that changed. The club was charged $2500 in back fees for when Dave was Pres and didn't pay for the camping portion of the show. Overall costs for reservations of the fairgrounds went up 20%. ...among many of other contributing factors. We're all pretty bummed, it was an event I looked forward to every year.
  4. Shoot, I was hoping to see you guys get a good run, it's disappointing to travel so far and have to pack up early. We've had some struggles too, broke the rollers today and ruined two starter motors. Luckily we had a spare and the auto parts store had one in stock. Some modifying with an angle grinder on the rollers and we should be able to try again tomorrow after reassembly. It was great meeting you and your crew, I enjoy talking Datsuns and everyone was really cool. If all goes well I'll see you out there next year. Thanks for the awesome T shirt! Cheers! M
  5. I'll be at Bonneville this year as pit crew for a Vincent Motorcycle. I'll make a point to stop by and say hello. I've been following this thread and I'm excited to see you run this 620 all out!
  6. What time is kick off, Steven?
  7. I'll be there, looking forward to another Datsun gathering with good folks. We should start planning for a swap meet this summer.
  8. I remember seeing this at blue lake. It's come a long way since I saw it at the DNW club meeting at Stevens shop. Cool video!
  9. See you all in the morning, I'll bring the coffee.
  10. I plan on being at the meeting Saturday the 15th, what time does it start? Looking forward to Canby 2017
  11. Yes, I'm bringing the family. Invited a few other friends too.
  12. Any chance you can BBQ some chicken too? One of the guys thats coming doesn't eat beef or pork. ....sad
  13. Cool, I can't make the cruise but I'll definitely be at the BBQ. I'm ready to rock and roll, hope we get a good turnout!
  14. I'm looking forward to this, we'll see you then!
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