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  1. My father and I have been searching for a lightweight flywheel for our R16 in our 411. We have found where others have been able to achieve this, yet without any sources as to how. Would anyone happen to know how we would be able to achieve finding such an item?
  2. Update: Quite a lot has been done for this restoration. My father and I have been working hard to give this car a second chance at life. I'll post a more detailed explanation of what's going on with pictures. In a nutshell, we got the clutch issue fixed. After that, the engine and transmission have been removed for rebuild. Plus a lot more.
  3. Here are some updated pictures of the project so far. New Banjo fittings look cool. Pressure regulator, Gauge might be a dud. Cheap fix. The new MSD And the two new fuse blocks Brand new alternator. Fuel cell setup Nice powerful fuel pump. New plate for Cell to come soon. Cleaned up dash cluster, plus new gauges. Going to paint needles soon.
  4. New update: Finally got it to fire up. A lot has been done to it so far. I'll post better pictures in my next post. Link to the video: From my page: From my fathers page: The story so far... Carburetors: After installing the fuel cell and finishing the lines to the fuel cell. What we had to do was replace the 12 mm x 1.25 Banjo bolt/fitting. For that, we went back to Jegs. Which they had a replacement from Vibrant performance. Only issue was the thread size for the bolt was 1.5 not 1.25. Which isn't an issue considering I already have two good stock bolts and I only nee
  5. Swift

    hi everyone

    Wow, nice find. Interesting color the previous owner or who ever chose. I see you have the notorious rust issues on the rear quarter panel. I got the same issue on mine. I never seen anyone actually swap in a whole J15 into a 411. Although, I've got the heavy duty oil pump from one installed on my 411 because of it's better performance compared to the stock pump the R16 came with (80 psi vs 45 psi). Keep up the hard work. I would like to see more pictures.
  6. Thank you for the suggestion. Though, the stock setup was kept. Also, I obtained a fuel pump and regulator from Jegs which is more than sufficient compared to any stock like alternative. Right now, I'm trying to fix the issues with the carbs so I can at least get the engine running to see how well it runs.
  7. Update: Cut out the spare tire tub in the trunk to make room for a custom mount for the fuel cell. The reasoning behind it is because the original has rusted out beyond repair. Though I wish it wasn't that way. Either way, it has been cut out to where if I want to I can put another tub in there. Yet, for now I think the fuel cell is a much more modern and safer alternative. Pictures: Pictures of the rust, thank you mother nature, your beauty has no bounds. :D Pictures of the new mounting plate, It's gonna be in two pieces. One to hold the cell, the small piece as a cover
  8. Thank you guys, glad to be part of an entire forum dedicated to the Datsun brand. A couple things that I forgot to mention was that during it's conversion from PL to RL. The cross member was changed out with one from an RL, so it has disc brakes in the front. Wow, nice Thankyou for the help. Parts are so hard to find. I've got a few extras in storage (will get list and pics soon). The main parts that this car needs is a front windshield and rocker panel chrome strips.
  9. I'm now in the possession of my fathers 1967 Datsun RL 411 Bluebird. The opportunity came and now I'm currently in the progress of rebuilding it back up to street worthy condition. It's got a long history being my fathers project car since 1979. He's had a few 411's and a 510 before this one. Now he's passed his 411 down to me to keep it alive. I'll try to update this topic as often as possible to keep you all up to date. My father converted his from a PL to RL back in 1980, 1981. Here is his list of modifications: 1967 Datsun RL-411 1598cc R Type Engine Standard transmission: 4 speed Mo
  10. Its very depressing to see a good Datsun go to waste. (u_u)

    1. DAT510


      long bed is gone

    2. RedBanner


      its ok man, you cant buy all of them. I dont think anyone whos sees those picks will choose to do it, but hey that canda validates doing it in the first place..... Idk

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