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  1. I finally got my car on the road! Now Iโ€™ve decided to sell, something I thought Iโ€™d never do. However, itโ€™s happening, currently on auction at Bring A Trailer https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1969-datsun-510-5/
  2. Time Left: 8 days and 13 hours

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    I had my car on a trailer today to get my front and rear windows put in. I noticed my passenger front side marker was missing (circled in red in pic)!! Evidently, the factory glue was so old, the lens came unbonded from the metal. My front markers are new factory NOS and have had them for many years. I sold my original ones, well used ones, so I don't have a replacement lens now๐Ÿคฌ๐Ÿ˜ญ So, if anyone has one, even just the plastic lens, I'm willing to buy it. Just send me a PM and a picture with how much. Thanks


  3. Wayno, I got the same email. I haven't uploaded any pics in a while. I did recently go on PB and deleted all but ones I remembered posting on this forum. I've only posted on here, and a few other forums I don't go on anymore, using PB. So, I'm pissed because some of my pics on here, I want to remain on this forum, they are informational on some of my threads or comments. Pictures in a "How to" topic, are important to understand what your are trying to convey. So, after I did delete most of my pics on PB, I have them on hardrives, I received another email about being over the bandwidth! So, looks like all my threads and post with pics from PB will be blurred, cause I'm not paying PB! I'm not going through the hassle of another pic hosting site, modifying all threads with the new hosting site etc. Just to much computer crap for me, rather been driving in my car, spearing, sailing, skiing, or kicking back!
  4. FYI, don't give the cops a reason to be able to stop you while out cruising local hang outs etc. Federal required bumpers in 1973 production years, you made it under the 1973 federally. However, most states have a front and rear bumper requirement, I know California does Div 12 Article 11.5 Bumpers 28070-28071. Since I can't tell from your member info and no front plate, what state you are from. I'm assuming California or Arizona with all the Palm trees in the background. If California, also required to have a front plate, Arizona does not. Can you drive without a front bumper, rear bumper, no driver side mirror, no review mirror, and tinted windows forward of the driver, sure, plenty do. But, don't be crying when you get pulled over, get a ticket and told you have to put the original manufactured bumper on. And no, the carbon fiber or fiberglass reproduction ones won't do, by law. You would stand a better chance of not getting stopped if you had the fiberglass ones on and painted. Plus in California you get to mount the ugly front license plate to it! or not, as many do. Love the rims by the way!
  5. Sorry, for the late response, but better late then never๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ M4-.7 X 10 mm or longer depending on thickness of split and flat washers or one star. If you go a little longer won't be a problem, the screw just goes to open space after the body sheet metal.
  6. 69datsun510

    Seat Belts

    The "Datsport", 3 point retractable seat belt set up, solves the belt hitting you across the neck. They have pics of the installation, uses the standard bolt locations, plus a few extra holes has to be drilled. Below is one of the pics with the top bolt location, this pic is on a 4 door. I don't recall, if the location is different for the 2 door, and my 2 door is at the A/C shop. So, im not able to reference the location on the 2 door is the same or not. Just thought I'd throw out another solution for you.
  7. Nice bones for a Goon restoration, rust usually eats the crap out of cars of this era. God speed with your build, time fly's when having fun!
  8. Ordered Motul 90PA for my R160 limited slip differential, split collars for my rear sway bar, picked up my rebuilt brake booster, and got my Whitline mustache bar bushings. Getting there! To the A/C shop on Monday to get the A/C hooked up and working, that's right, Air Conditioning โ„๏ธโ„๏ธ
  9. Thanks for your appreciation of my projects and work. Just PM me if you have any questions on you build. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  10. Finally have the correct size tires, 4 wheel alignment, exhaust system done, and engine running. Off to the A/C shop to get the A/C lines and A/C system working. Still lots to do, windows, trim, bumpers, grill, spook spoiler, and interior stuff.
  11. Never quit!! Just have to persevere and keep saving money to put in the restoration ๐Ÿ’ฒ๐Ÿ’ฒ๐Ÿ’ฒ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
  12. Hmmmm, can you see the other pics posted? Photobucket for all of my pics, and i'm able to see them all, old and recent. I did have to use the URL for direct link option on Phototbucket, to be excepted by this website, when choosing the "insert other media" tab. Browser setting? Anti virus program? I'm not enough of a tech to help out with the problem or if its just specific to you. I do get the watermark, "proudly hosted on photobucket" on the pics.
  13. The show is two days, Saturday and Sunday. So, show Saturday and Eagle Rock on Sunday, dilemma solved!
  14. Almost have my car on the road!! Thought I'd post a few newer pics of the engine bay with all the progress made lately, still not done, but getting there ๐Ÿ™Œ
  15. Finally have gotten back on my project car!! Hoping to have on the road in a month, whoooo!! So, I thought I'd get on the forum and update some pictures of my build, with more to come soon!! 1/2 shafts converted to CV joints and added the sway bar (green). This pic I didn't have the rear coil overs installed yet. 280ZX Front Wilwood calipers and bigger rotors ? S13 240SX rear disc conversion and Troy Irmish rear coilovers? This is the engine bay from sometime ago, much further along then this picture
  16. Doh, guess I'm tired and not seeing straight ? I stand corrected on that last comment I made! Guys just need to run bump stop spacers when lowering their cars as extreme as most do, even if no interference issues. The car needs to have the correct geometry to be safe and as designed, but each to their own. We got old from living through doing stupid stuff and risking the possibility bodily injury or death, so can they.
  17. In this photo, you'll have the most extreme articulation of the suspension with the car jacked up and no load on the suspension. This will give you the smallest angle between the control arm/tie rod end and the strut assembly, putting the tie rod nut and caliper mounting bolt the closest during the suspension travel. You really need to look at the relation of the two with the tire on the ground and not jacked up. Looks like you need a 1" bump stop spacer ?โ€โ™‚๏ธ or new brake pads.
  18. I haven't been on for sometime, and saw this post. I'm sure you figured this out by now, my post is for future members using the search function on the topic. So, just thought I'd add to the thread and my experience with 280ZX strut conversion. The 280ZX strut assemblies are lower then the stock 510 struts, and why they are used. They lower the car without taking up suspension strut travel, car rides lower, but you still have suspension travel, one of the reasons for the upgrade, along with the bigger brakes. Since the set up is already lower the stock 510, the steering geometry will change, tie rods won't be level, as datzenmike has suggested. Further, most owners lower some more because of having coil overs, and that, "lowered race look". On 2 of the 3, of my 510's, I did the 280ZX struts, coil overs, and the 1" bump stop spacer, installed all at the same time, hadn't had any issues with clearances. While its each to his own, I just don't like seeing the front calipers not in a trailing position. You wont have to spend the $ change up the brake line and hoses. Your steering will be in the position designed to take the loads, level tie rods, an important safety concern at high cornering speeds and bumps. Just the brake hose and line modification can cost more then the bump stop spacers, and also have the cost of replacing pads more often. Hope you are driving down the road safely in your dime.
  19. There can always find ways to ease the sting, with a little humor, except life moves on, and laugh when you can. Glad you picked up on that, pretty sharp of ya :rofl: :rofl: :thumbup:
  20. Thanks everyone for positive comments supporting the person was a jerk. Unfortunately, I made myself a mark by not having another person along to help me sell, giving the person the window of opportunity. I wanted to share the incident with the community to help others, to prevent others from becoming a victim. Just be aware when selling, our parts are just getting more rare and expensive as the years go by, their not Ford's or Chevy's with unlimited reproduction parts. See ya on the road :thumbup:
  21. You do live in AZ and might be more popular in a sunshine inferno climate or your 90% stack of 1/4 windows, has left 10% for the rest of us, making them more rare for us. :rofl: :rofl:
  22. I had a good time at the meet, except for the dirt bag who stole my passenger side 1/4 window! Here is the whole story http://community.ratsun.net/topic/71681-to-the-stupid-dirt-bag-who-stole-my-passenger-side-14-window-at-the-eagle-rock-show/ I would like to thank the510keeper for paying and collecting the parts as we had agreed on, stand up guy and builder. :thumbup:
  23. So, I had a guy ask me if I would sell just one 1/4 window, told him no, sold as sets. I guess he didn't like my answer, waited until I was distracted by other potenial buyers, then walked off with the one 1/4 window he was wanting. Stealing from me, a guy who sells items well below most sell things for, because I want to support our community of guys building a 510. Your a total dirt bag! Your also not the most intelligent individual because most likely you won't be able to use the 1/4 window you stole, it was a factory tinted version, not many cars have these windows. If you do use it, and bring your car to any of the SoCal meets, I'll be able to identify you. Your car will stand out with all clear windows and a Passenger side factory tinted 1/4 window. :rofl: :rofl: On a better note, I hadn't been to a Eagle Rock meet in around 6 years, sold parts back then because I was moving and didn't have much room for parts at the new place. A young guy remembered me and some the etched windows I had. He tried to buy them back then, I wasn't partial to parting with them, I was still on the fence about using them myself. He reminded me of the time he meet me and still wanted the windows. We came to an agreement on a price and he got his 1/4 windows he had wanted for years. I was genuinely happy for the guy, almost gave them to him at the price, but that's what makes it right, a younger generation supporting our Datsun community, it's what I'm about. I enjoyed selling my stuff, seeing people enthusiastic about getting parts for their builds. Sadly, I most likely won't be selling again, sold all of my spare parts. Now I will be showing up with my 510. :thumbup:
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