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  1. Ok here is the deal have 2 Datsun's but mine is a 79 when I went to adjust the back brakes the bleeder screw broke off on both sides got new bleeder screws but the piece they go into has a bigger bolt it hooks to the back of the backing plate I have no clue as to what it is called to order or even ask for any ideas on the name or where to find some?
  2. Union connector that's it lol thank you now need to figure out where to get them
  3. on the back brake the line hooks into a y looking block 1 end bleeder 1 end brake line 1 end or side to the cylinder so what is it called trying to find 4 of them as 3 have the bleeder screw broke off in them?
  4. ok next question where do I find some of the aluminum pieces that the back break line goes in with the bleeder on the other end?
  5. got it was just plugged in no clips my daughter got it lol but atleast I have e brake now lol
  6. I did not see and prongs is it on the inside there are 2 places where it holds?
  7. been looking someone has to have a post about it but I cant seem to find one
  8. jimmy dale

    E brake cable

    ok I need to reinstall a cable to my backing plate anyone have a clue how?
  9. Ok just couldn't bring my self to tear up my little truck for a ford chassis so trying to get it going but the e bake is making me mad Posted another page cant get the E brake out of the backing plate to put the good one in
  10. OK picked up another D620 this one for me the rear right everything except the backing plate was missing. so I got a another rear-end and replaced all the way to the 4 nuts. the new one I got has a E Brake cable hanging off of it but it has been cut. I still have one hooked to the truck the question is how do I get it to come off the backing plate to hook up the original from truck?
  11. yes welding will happen but at to put them together I will put 2 in square tube acrossed the ranger frame and put the Datsun frame on top of it as the ranger is wider so the Datsun will sit down 2 to 3 inches inside the ranger frame still gives a 2 to 3 inch lift jst a body lift is all then no messing with chassis lift
  12. I already have the ranger so I am thinking it would be the best way to go and the motor in the ranger is tired loses HP when it warms up and none adjustable valvs so just put in crosmembers and put the dat frame right on them and square it up and bolt it down would give about a 2 to 4 inch body lift as it is And already have a 302 with trans just would need to get wire for auto transfer case and hubs it is out of a 94 150 so fuel injection might be ok not sure on mileage though
  13. What is the best chassis to put under a 620 Toyota, ranger,s10 excreta I have a 79 620 and haven't decided to put the whole frame on a different 4x4 frame like a 87 ranger I have or just the running gear Kinda sounds stupid to my buddy but I was thinking of taking everything off the bottom of the frame and putting the frame on a ranger frame. ranger is wider so I would put cross members in the ranger and set the whole 620 frame inside the ranger kinda double framing I also have a 94 302 if I need the extra power it will be heavier with 2 frames just wondering if it would be easier then shortening and welding like the other people on here do as I suck at welding and work in the back yard literal I know someone who cut and welded a Toyota frame and put a Datsun on it but a lot of work and things he did I cant like the welding and such I also suck at wiring so would be able to use all the Datsun wiring with the l20 left in the upper frame? please don't give me a hard time I am going to do something just not sure what is best on a budget and with what I have or can get thanks for any reply
  14. yes as it had me and you stumped thanks for coming up and helping me with it I had movement in the rear just had no pressure so the master needed a little fixen got good brakes now after 3 masters and a good friend's help
  15. oh and when it is pumped the fluid in the rear or front bottle on master keeps breathing goes up when peddle is pumped and then goes back down bad master?
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