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  1. Anyone have a dogleg 5 speed for sale for an L series they can bring to the swap meet? Need one for my '78 200sx...
  2. What are the specs on those wheels and tires? And where can I get some?
  3. Can someone bring a stock length driveshaft for a 2 or 4 door 510 so I can buy it?
  4. I would be interested in a single sidedraft intake manifold...
  5. I need outer door handles for my '78 200sx,,,,
  6. What front spoiler is that? Is it specific for the 1200 or off something else?
  7. Some A-hole stole my gas cap off my 510 wagon...Does anyone have the Stant # for a locking cap??
  8. Can some one bring a window regulator for my 510 wagon so I can buy it?? I need the drivers side front....
  9. Can anyone tell me if the window regulators from a 4-door 510 will fit a 510 wagon??
  10. Will a 510 brake master cylinder work in a 1200??
  11. Where can I get some CDM flares for my 1200??
  12. Pierce Manifolds in Gilroy California....
  13. Looking for a 1200 coupe rear window...
  14. I try and go every month...but last month there wasn't that many cars...I don't know if I want to drive that far if only 4 or 5 cars show up....
  15. Is anyone going on Thursday? Not that many cars showed up last month...
  16. hi...my '72 wagon auto trans started to slip a little this weekend...is there a band adjustment on theses transmissions?? I just need it to work a little longer till I can source out parts for a 5 speed swap..
  17. Anyone going to the Historic Races at Laguna Seca tomorrow???
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