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  1. MikeRL411

    Engine Porn (beyond ... saturation)

    Thanks but I [really] have one !
  2. Find a metal shop that still remembers how to spin an Aluminum sheet into a bowl or in your case a headlight cover. Hurry, we old farts won't last much longer and the younger generation just wants to play with their game phones.
  3. MikeRL411

    Engine Porn (beyond ... saturation)

    Hudson Hornet ?
  4. MikeRL411

    240z Seat Covers on 510 Seat?

    The only problem I have found is that the standard after market fabrics available to reupholstery shops are heavy on Datsun pickups and have nothing for Datsun sedans. The sample books ignore us sedans lovers If you don't mind having period correct but model incorrect, go look in the reupholstery shops sample book.
  5. MikeRL411

    Valve Cover Grommets on the Z24

    My RL411 [and so 1600 roadster] engine just loves the 240Z synthetic rubber and aluminum grommets for the valve cover ! They are slightly larger in diameter than the original type R engine grommets, but side by side you cannot tell the difference. See my RL411 at the JCCS show for a peek.
  6. MikeRL411

    Car Porn

    I'd rather have the NOMAD in the background !
  7. If I wanted to, I could have returned my vehicle from Japan with the Japanese plates. All I had to do was not to claim the unexpired registration fee refund and turn in the plates.
  8. MikeRL411

    240z Seat Covers on 510 Seat?

    Ultimate and literal cover up ! Sheepskin slip on covers. They usually cheat on the sides and back offering stretch fabric but do usually look fine on installation.
  9. MikeRL411

    240z Seat Covers on 510 Seat?

    How handy are you or someone you know with a sewing machine? slightly over sized seat covers or upholstery can be cut down and resewn. I went in blind on my RL411 [Thank you Evans Upholstery in Lawndale CA] and cut and sewed up a totally new and very presentable new front bucket seat reupholstery. See the result? Yes at the 15 Sept JCCS!
  10. MikeRL411

    Speedometer question

    Sounds like you have an SAE transmission drive and a metric speedometer cluster! 56 KPH is just about 35 MPH.
  11. MikeRL411

    Site Updated 🍔🍺​​​​​​​

    As of this morning right hand content is now present.
  12. MikeRL411

    Site Updated 🍔🍺​​​​​​​

    I'm on PC right now and there is no, repeat no, right hand content. I am running Windows 10 if that makes any difference !
  13. MikeRL411

    Charles Yeager

    Very slight side bar! "Pancho" Barns [Google the"Happy Bottom Riding Club" if you don't recognise the name] had a great distain for Emilia Earhart. She began her rants with the observation that to claim the first transatlantic female flight Emilia should have done more than takeoff and landing the plane, not sleep in back while 2 male pilots did the actual flying. It appears that later a compromise Mexican Standoff was realized and barbs diminished. Pancho is and was a true aviation pioneer ! The remains of her Happy Bottom Riding Club are still distinguisable on the Southern border of Edwards AFB.
  14. MikeRL411

    Site Updated 🍔🍺​​​​​​​

    No such right hand content on my current version ! So maybe your concern has gone to sleep ?
  15. MikeRL411

    Car Porn

    Old bad joke. "The last great Studebaker was pulled by a team of Oxen."

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