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  1. Just got a message from the leasing office, it has to be gone by the weekend or it's getting towed. Anybody interested? Email: Diesel33g@Gmail.com Phone (Text preferred) 714 722 5747
  2. it's currently just being used as tire storage until I get it sold.
  3. Thanks man, I wish I could keep it. But I have wayyyy to many projects going on right now, and can't keep this parked for much longer.
  4. I have to sell my little project sadly, and want to sell her to a fellow ratsun member so I know she'll be in good hands. 1976 Datsun 620 All stock New within the past 5 months: Alternator Lowering blocks Springs Spark plugs and wires Distributor cap and rotor Fuel Filter Fuel Pump. Both V Belts Valve Cover Gasket NEEDS: Tires (Do not drive on these dry rotted tires, plus one is flat!) Radiator hoses Electrical work So I bought it and it was completely destroyed and hadn't ran in forever. I started replacing parts and got it to run, but really needs the carb to be tuned or replaced. Brakes work good for their age. All the lights WORK but none are connected (they all got cut up before I bought it not sure why). A couple of minor surface rust spots on the outside that I sanded down already, and the battery shelf is rusted too. Clutch was used but in good condition when I replaced it, so it still shifts fine. Paint has been sanded down so it'll need a nice coat of paint too. Note: CAR WILL NEED TO BE TOWED, I can get it towed to you if you would like (Locally free, more than 50 miles for a small fee) For a few hours of work and a few parts here and there you can have a decent little 620, I just can't have 3 cars anymore since I no longer live where they are being stored. http://s1184.photobu...0620%20peoject/ ^ more Photos are there Comes with a box full of extra emissions parts, various light housings and covers, 2 gauge clusters, and the gauge housing. $800ish is what I would like to get for it. Email me with any questions, offers, or to come get it. Diesel33g@Gmail.com Or text me at (714) OC-Drift (I won't answer calls since I have class all day tomorrow) Registration has been paid current, but is still inbetween names of me and the P.O. pending smog (Switching it to Non-op on Tuesday so I can get the title if unsold by then)
  5. Diesel33g

    JCCS 2011

    Can't wait to see all your cars! If you see a 6'6 fat guy wearing an 'EAT SLEEP DRIFT' shirt out there, it's me! :D
  6. Selling my 620 for $800. Will need to be towed, PM me for info, will post in for sale section as well after JCCS

  7. Posting my camera for sale at $4000, let's hope it sells with enough time to buy wheels for jccs!

  8. Towing the 620 to JCCS so I don't get pulled over for no registration :3

    1. MikeRL411


      Be careful! Some anal CHPs and sherrif's officers consider a car in tow to be "on the road" and will ticket for not having current registration.

    2. zerow


      Get a one month pass...MikeRL411 is correct. Unless your car is on a flatbed trailer where no parts of the vehicle are touching the road. And to that end, I am going to the DMV this morning for my 610...

    3. zerow


      Get a one month pass...MikeRL411 is correct. Unless your car is on a flatbed trailer where no parts of the vehicle are touching the road. And to that end, I am going to the DMV this morning for my 610...

  9. There's a brake light switch? That might explain why I haven't been able to get those to work yet. I managed to figure out my gauge wiring and wiper switch as well. (Installing a tach and oil pressure gauge might be a concern of mine though) I'm onto the headlight switch now, theres 7 wires from the harness and fuse box in the area, yet only 4 wires on the switch. So hopefully I'll have lights before JCCS, otherwise I'll have to tape up some flashlights to make it 'legal'
  10. I need some parts for my 76 620 single cab. I'm not in a hurry to buy anything (gotta buy things as I slowly get money without a job) Just seeing who has what, and preferably locally. I need: 1. Exhaust (Mine just has a header) 2. headlamps 3. rims (6lug preferably wideeee rims) 4. center console 5. Glove box 6. Under dash tray. 7. Maybe a Weber + Air cleaner, or just an air cleaner that's not the giant stock one. 8. Side mirrors (door or fender mount) I don't really care about the quality of most of these items, so the cheaper the better :P
  11. If I had a garage/place to store it I would totally buy this from you.
  12. What size tires are on there, and how bad are they, haha.
  13. Thanks zilla, If it still won't start I'll go ahead and do that.
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