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  1. K Appley

    1.4L race motor needs more ...

    Wanted to add that if the OP has the stock engine for his 210 with just a swapped head then he would have the smog cam as well. The mid 70's cam is a better one. Every mid 70's B210's I've looked at that had an A14 were rated on the tag as having 80 hp at 6000. The "nifty fifty" high mpg cars were rated less. I believe you want the early points distributor as well....better curve. Of course this is just the "we cheeeeep" option. Kurt
  2. For you guys that are into Datsun racing history Classic Motorsports magazine has a great article about John Morton and his BRE and Datsun days. Pete Brock is a regular contributor to the magazine as well. Kurt
  3. K Appley

    differences between E, J and A series engines?

    Well the British auto industry had a lot working against it. Not the least of which was the international money scheme. Just like we have today. No way can the US compete against $30 dollar a month Vietnamese labor. If BMC had made some trade deals with low wage, at the time, Japan then things might have been different.
  4. K Appley

    differences between E, J and A series engines?

    I believe that the first E series, not the one that evolved from from the A series that had an overhead cam, was identical to the BMC A series. I have no idea what it was fitted to but have seen pictures of that engine. The Datsun A series has very obvious BMC heritage but is a better engine. I'm suspicious that British Petroleum had a hand in designing British engines cause they all leaked oil. :rofl: If I remember correctly I had an acquaintance that fitted a Datsun head to his MGA back in the sixties. Kurt
  5. K Appley

    differences between E, J and A series engines?

    Suppose you guys are aware that the original "E" and "J" engines were licenced from Austin or BMC of England. Identical to there A and three main B engines. Just a little trivia! Kurt.
  6. K Appley

    A series oil pan??

    Thanks Mike!
  7. K Appley

    A series oil pan??

    Wondering if anyone might have a oil pan or two lying around off the 70's B210 A14's. These pans have the sump more towards the middle of the pan than the 210 pan's that I have and are thus much easier to modify to fit into Sprites and Midget's. Getting pretty hard to find these in salvage yards anymore. Thanks much Kurt
  8. K Appley

    A15 factory pistons???

    Well, I suppose I will give in to ITM's in the long run. I still can't believe that the factory pistons are not available in this country though. Unless you know someone personally in SA its pretty hard to deal in that country. Kinda close to a failed state without a lot of honesty. There are a lot of A series there. If memory serves the factory pistons are faced on top with a cast dish. Kurt
  9. K Appley

    A15 factory pistons???

    Well, in this case the dish area on the factory pistons appears to be superior to the ITM's. What really gets me is that these engines were being fitted to new vehicles in several country's around the world as short a time ago as about 10 years. The same is true of the 60 series transmission but in this country Nissan has just figured that stocking parts isn't necessary. You can bet that if I were in Indonesia or South Africa, a couple of countries that I believe they were last fitted, that I could get parts. As to the quality of the factory pistons, there are lots of very high mileage A series engines with the factory piston's in them so I think they are fine. The ITM's appear to be made by just facing off a lump and running a cutter offset to one side to make the dish. They may be weighted closely but I'll bet they are on the heavy side. Kurt.
  10. K Appley

    A15 factory pistons???

    Thanks, Morrisun. I'm familiar with them but the factory offering was superior. If I have to those will be my choice.
  11. K Appley

    A15 factory pistons???

    For some time I have been trying to source factory pistons for my A15 engine. It originally came out of a front drive 310 and is fitted with half flat top and half dished pistons. Nissan in this country has not been able to come up with them but in a conversation with gxrb in Japan I find that for the domestic market the part numbers I have been using are different. Anyone here fluent in Japonese??? Anyone know if I can source these pistons with the correct JDM part number from my local Nissan dealer?? gxrb gave me two sets of numbers for standard and oversize pistons so now I have to determine which piston is the one I'm looking for. I know there are aftermarket pistons but the original gave me just the squish I want against the protrusion on my H89 head. This engine is great just the way it is but since I couldn't find oversize factory pistons when i rebuilt it, I chinced out and only reringed it. I think I may have a broken ring and blow by has increased. Any insight greatly appreciated Kurt.
  12. K Appley

    A12 GX Double Valve Springs on an A14

    A14 and A15 block's were the same with just the crank stroke and piston's changed. Kurt.
  13. K Appley

    SU Symptoms on L16

    To get the throttle disc's right you want to disable the idle screw's and only adjust the linkage. I screw the idle screw all the way loose then open the throttle disc's enough to slide a small wire under one then I check to see that the other is the same. A unisyn or the listening method would do the same with the engine running but I do this with the engine cold. I'm a little deaf and on some engines the listening method just doesn't work anyway. You can, of course, check float fuel level by removing the float covers and checking the float height rather than pulling the dampner bell's. As said, once you get on to how they work you will realize they are about the simplest, easiest to tune carb out there. Kurt.
  14. K Appley

    SU Symptoms on L16

    Been adjusting SU's for a lot of year's[real one's]. Agree that everything between the 2 carbs has to match. Start with the throttle disc's. Make sure they open exactly the same. Next make sure the jets are screwed down about the same then check that the fuel level in the float chambers is the same. You can do this by removing the dampner bell but be very careful the spring loaded dampner piston doesn't fall out and bend the needle. If it does you are SOL. Very fragile. When you have them off you should be able to see the fuel in the jet and it should be down about 3/32 or so. Make sure to get the dampner bell's back on exactly the way they came off. I scribe them and mark front and back so I can get them back exactly. Pretty simple design. The jet needle is raised by vacuum so that it gives the engine what it wants at the right time. If you want to change the mixture you screw the jet up to lean it out or down for the opposite. If it needs more at some point in the throttle opening you can change needle profiles. Agree that the oil in the dampner piston adjust's the rate of change and heavier oil ought to help out on a off idle flat spot but you may need to richen slightly. First get everything balanced. Kurt.
  15. K Appley

    Parts Availability????

    I thought I posted a reply but guess not. Found pistons on nissanpartszone under 310 but nothing for 210's or older B210's. Kurt.

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