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  1. These are cooper atlantic slicks they have about 70-80% life on them they cn also be used as drag slicks theyre worth about 300 a piece brand new, im asking 550 for the whole set I also have these Barum tires theyre 195/60/15 im asking 65 for the pair about 80% life on them
  2. TE28Rolla

    datsun 510 (too loud) tickets -___-

    you got 20zx rims on it? if you do it looks just like my dads 510
  3. i am taking offers on the wagon
  4. yea thats my dads ex wagon we put alotta money time and effort into it , bummer he had to sell it :(
  5. hahaha mostly all the good nostalgics are in cali man, sorry
  6. Alrighty guys here wat i have for sale is a pretty damn rare 1972 toyota corolla 2 door station wagon , its not a datsun goon but it sure as hell always gets mistaken for one. well to the point i am selling this wagon because i really dont have room for it anymore and with little work you can make this station wagon shine as great and look as badass as my dads use to be 1971 corolla wagon Heres The 1972 thats for sale now heres my dads use to be wagon (he sold it) These pictures are just to give you interested goon guys what great potential these little toyota wagons have Pros 1.) everything is pretty much intact, grilles, bumpers, speedo/gauges, seats, etc etc 2.) no engine but the engine bay was sanded down then painted black 3.) tranny/driveshaft is included Cons 1.) No tittle just the bill of sale but is cureently in the dmv system surprisingly i checked up about 2-3 months ago and apparently it hasn't been taken off the dmv since its still registered the the original owner 2.) its got rust on the rear quarter pannel and under the pasenger side (not to worry ive got a guy whos currently removing rust from my 510s rear quarter panel and front bumper and cutting out a large dent on the friver side of the door,hes charging me 500 for rust removal and instaling new sheet metal on my 510, he uses minimal bondo and cuts off sheet metal and welds new metal and realigns the body quarter panel or watever to a factory look, so i would redirect anyone looking to restore this wagon to him he does excelent work) 3.) No engine (you can fit a 3tc from a 1980-82 corolla from the junkyard its a bolt on to the car) Now heres some pics I have the Tailights theyre also included with sale \ and a bunch of other random parts i have laying around Heres my number if anyone is interested (909) 7081061 (Art) 1500 O.B.O.
  7. TE28Rolla

    Datsun 510 For Sale 2 DOOR

    its still available, this world is full of flakers
  8. TE28Rolla

    WTB Datsun 510 Fuel Tank Filler Hose

    let me see pictures of it first i want a complete one no cracked ones or anything for a 1972 510
  9. im looking for a working uncracked fuel tank filler hose for a 510 let me know if anyone or yourself may have one , thanks
  10. TE28Rolla

    WTB: Toyota Peanut or Mango

    hell yea they are they never give u probs plus the gas mileage is excelent!
  11. TE28Rolla

    Datsun 510 For Sale 2 DOOR

    gracias ahaha
  12. TE28Rolla

    WTB: Toyota Peanut or Mango

    thnx man it looks btter in person trust
  13. TE28Rolla

    Datsun 510 For Sale 2 DOOR

    make me an offer
  14. TE28Rolla

    looking for a 510

    It should make it no it doesnt both seats are four point but the back seats have a regular lap belt no it isnt i believe the og color is like an almond brown but thts the way the 510 was bought (green) all tht needs work in the interior is the floor carpet and the headliner ohh and the dash i believe its cracked yes it should, and yes it is pretty loud make me an offer just dont ridiculously low balll me like veryone else who has been doing so
  15. TE28Rolla

    WTB: Toyota Peanut or Mango

    you willing to buy a peanut wagon? my dads got his for sale hes owned it for about 4 years now and has done alot to this car! new paint , the whole interior has been re upholstered everythin, xxr 522 rims 15x8 in the back and 15x7 up front, it was dropped around 4 inches in the front and 3 nd1/2 in the rear(it doesnt scrape anywere), the roof rack is also another new addition, cold air intake has been installed , 2tc motor all original no mods done to it,header with 2and 1/4 inch piping , it has working fog lights, fender mirrors and flares(there not in the pics but he recently got them the flares) his asking price is 8,700 obo

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