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  1. I have a buddy that has a set of sumitomo mk63 FIA 4 piston calipers on his 510 but he needs some brake pads. Does anyone know a source for these pads?
  2. nustad

    S13 KA24DE Header for 510 Project

    So if I'm reading this correctly an S14 4-2-1 header will work on an S13 swap in a 510?
  3. nustad

    Xcessive intake mani in a KA 510

    Thanks for the input going to use stock manifold for now.
  4. nustad

    Xcessive intake mani in a KA 510

    Looks like there could be an interference issue with the upper inlet on some radiators.
  5. nustad

    Xcessive intake mani in a KA 510

    I just found this pic of a godspeed manifold in a 510 which from what I've read is almost identical to the xcessive.
  6. nustad

    Xcessive intake mani in a KA 510

    Not interested in motorcycle carbs or tb's. I was just going to run the excessive plenum/intake instead of the stock. I think the excessive looks cleaner but in pics on a 240sx it looks like the plenum is to far forward (towards front of engine) to route the intake on a 510. Pic -
  7. nustad

    Xcessive intake mani in a KA 510

    Hmm. I take it no one has done this yet.
  8. nustad

    Xcessive intake mani in a KA 510

    Nope. Just rebuilding to stock.
  9. nustad

    Xcessive intake mani in a KA 510

    No turbo.
  10. nustad

    Xcessive intake mani in a KA 510

    I have an S13 KA24DE I'm rebuilding and installing in my 72' 510 4dr. Just wondering if anyone has used an xcessive aftermarket KA manifold on a 510 swap and how it worked out.
  11. nustad

    Radiator for a ka24de???

    I have the same question. How did the afco work out? Can you post some pics? Really old thread but worth a try....
  12. nustad

    ZX front caliper brake hoses shorter a different banjo end!

    I'll leave feedback here and on the ad. Good product, lines fit well on my 72' 510 4dr. I'm running the calipers on the front of the rotor (swapped left to right). Also a good guy to deal with and appreciate your help.
  13. nustad

    280zx versus 510 brake line size

    If you are going to full zx discs do you need to upgrade the proportioning valve to a zx? From what I understand all the proportioning is done at the master. If this is the case it doesn't matter if you have the 510 or the zx proportioning valve.
  14. Before I purchased the 80' 200sx BMC I tried to get my 80' 280zx BMC rebuilt. I was not able to find a rebuild kit. I also tried to send it to A1-Cardone for a repair and return service but no luck.
  15. I just bought an 80' 200sx 7/8" master that fits in the stock 510 location. The rod that goes into the master will need to be modified but I'm pretty confident this master will work. It was designed for discs all around.

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