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  1. koleson

    L20b 290 cam timing. Need help

    What about breaking in a new cam and also what would I need to set the valve lash?
  2. koleson

    L20b 290 cam timing. Need help

    Sweet thanks.
  3. koleson

    L20b 290 cam timing. Need help

    Alright here's the thing I have a 290 cam and have heard to degree it in but don't have a degree wheel and the last time I used one was in school and have long forgotten how to use one. I am wondering if anyone has installed a cam somewhat similar to line and how they did it. Thanks.
  4. koleson

    Wanted l20 motor

    Is that a member or a place?
  5. koleson

    Wanted l20 motor

    I need a good l20 block. I'm building a motor and haven't been able to find one yet. Also I want some high compression pistons, and a u67 head, or and other performance Parts except for a cam.
  6. koleson

    Head light relay connections

    I got a 74 620 and need to know what wire goes where on the headlight relay. There is a red. Red and white, red and black, and red and yellow. Anyone know where they go?
  7. koleson

    Su to l20 intake

    I have dual su carbs and need and intake for a l20 for them
  8. koleson

    Need parts

    A dual setup
  9. koleson

    Need parts

    Im looking for a penut head, cam, carb, left fender, lower balance, front bumper, wiring harness, or any other l motor upgrades for a 620. And also a header
  10. koleson

    620 Seat needed

    I'm still new to the form how do I do that?
  11. koleson

    620 Seat needed

    How much?. And eagle Adam do you have time this weekend so I can come and see what you still have? I Need a consol, consol face, and some other stuff to.
  12. koleson

    parting out a 78 LB 620

    Do you still have the gauge cluster?
  13. koleson

    620 Seat needed

    Sounds good
  14. koleson

    620 Seat needed

    Ya. How much and can you send a pic?

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