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  1. Did you ever manage to swap that RX-8 drive train into your truck?  I was looking at doing just that and was hoping you may have some tips and tricks (or caveats).  


  2. vwfast67

    78 king cab specs

    Going to swap RX8 drivetrain and part of the interior.
  3. vwfast67

    78 king cab specs

    Thanks guys. I couldn't find info for KC just the standards.
  4. vwfast67

    78 king cab specs

    Trying to find the specs on my truck. Have found the width, length, and other info on standard cabs, but looking for wheelbase on king cabs. Looking to do a drive train swap. Trying to do some homework on if it would work.
  5. vwfast67


    I have the carb air box and 3 hubcaps. Might have more parts. Good luck on the bucket seats. Hard to find. They are out there. Think only the automatics had bench seats. Standards had a rear center console piece between seats.
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