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    I have 3 more Datsun trucks 2-521 and 1-620 still in projects.
  1. Do you still have the radiator fan.
  2. truckman

    521 parts & randomness.... los angeles area

    still wayting an answer on the Heater and kaguroo bag thing,Pm
  3. truckman

    521 parts & randomness.... los angeles area

    I'm in LA too PM me for the factori heater and kanguroo bag
  4. truckman

    Roof racks 4 sale...custom made

    hey men pacific coast my pm are empty now :blink:
  5. truckman

    JDM 510 rubber over riders / Bumperette's

    Hey does this fit the 521 pickup truck, and if they do how much shipp to California 90065, Pm me. :rolleyes:
  6. truckman

    Roof racks 4 sale...custom made

    Hey I want one of your roof racks like the first picture you posted but only for a 521 pickup and only 2"inches from the roof, Pm me if you still make them, And like how much. :rolleyes:
  7. truckman

    521 ka24de

    I'm goind to TJ tomorro, do you need something from your primos let me know, I'm leving LA 6:30 AM SO if you need something let me know. Truckman here. :cool:
  8. truckman

    521 antenna ~SOLD~

    Hey there, I was wondering if you stiil have the antena I realy need one PM me if you still do, thanks. :rolleyes:
  9. I need two pm me how much to ship to LA or pay pall account. this is my first time buying here, :rolleyes:
  10. truckman

    I bought a 521 with L18 and doglet trans

    here you guys ratsunerds some videos of this, no lies in the dark it's my free time (family men) :)
  11. simon Like I said in the title the Ex owner told me he's been putting one number# More hotted of spark plug the NGK B8ES 2411 he said it's better, so I put it too And to tell you it's been great the truck run smooth for the past 2 years, but I found out the spark plug it's for motocycles, what do you guys think, by the way it has race cam etc's.
  12. hey I wanted to ask do this fit the 521 pickup :huh:
  13. truckman


    hey man that's what I'm talking about I got the same and it sounds the same as you but my mistake was that I paid for 2 1/2 inche pipe but it sounds good and runs good too, :hyper:

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