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  1. I need the following for a 1969 510: Complete assembly LH and RH tail light Rear DATSUN emblem
  2. montanosvg30

    69 VG30E 510

  3. montanosvg30

    69 VG30E 510

    Today is Halloween 2017. I have not done much to my 510, but here is a list of what i have done since 2012. - Disk brake set up on all four corners. willwood calipers and slotted rotors. Purchased the set up from a good friend Juan with Krecs engineering. - Coil over on all four corners. Krecs engeneering. - Rota wheels.
  4. montanosvg30

    WTB 620 fenders

    I need a driver side fender.
  5. montanosvg30

    WTB 620 fenders

    Can you send me a picture? My dad lives in Manteca, and works in modesto... I could have him pick up.
  6. montanosvg30

    WTB 620 fenders

    PM me if you have them.
  7. montanosvg30

    Datsun 620 truck parting out

    Do you have the fenders?
  8. montanosvg30

    for sale- vg30 and r200

    Do you still have the engine? send me pics....951-567-9072
  9. montanosvg30

    L20, Su Carbs, Valve Cover....SOLD

    L20 engine - shipped to 92555?
  10. I need the glove box door only.....
  11. montanosvg30

    Parting out 75 620 Augusta, GA

    Ill buy the tailgate.... PM me.
  12. All I need is the glovebox door. Pm me if sold seperatly.
  13. montanosvg30

    VG30 swap parts

    I need these parts PM me... VG30 Carb Intake with Holly carb Saudi Distributer MSD 6-AL and Coil Griffin Thermal
  14. montanosvg30

    cleaning out the garage sale 620/310/b310/210

    620 glove box-----PM me

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