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  1. ^ I love your truck, I saw a pic of it on the internet photoshopped bagged and it inspired me!
  2. I ask cause they look like some that I was looking at at advanced auto in there replacement mirror section and I have been looking at getting them.
  3. Were did you get them mirrors!? Truck is sick!
  4. Yeah i have a 720 I said HB to be short for Harmonic balancer I have a bad habit of calling all Crank pulleys Harmonic balencers. Thanks for the info ROss
  5. I can't seem to find my timing mark on my HB does anyone know what it looks like? is it just a stamped mark or what? Thanks, Ross.
  6. That's weird I have the same setup as you and I daily my truck everyday is Texas summer heat and Have never had this issue.
  7. So being that I have a 82 and I wanna put my 85 grill on can I just drop the headlight buckets how ever much it takes and redrill the mounting holes or will there be bigger issues in doing that?
  8. Finally got some carpet in the ole Ratsun, its some cheap mold it yourself carpet it fits okay but looks alot better than no carpet and its just a daily.
  9. Thanks man! She still has a long way to go, but its getting there.
  10. Refinished my cluster. Pics do not do it justice. Before After
  11. You wouldn't happen to have any spare glove box hinges would you?
  12. That's what I was wondering. The Z22s is a 80-82 thing.
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