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  1. Yea probably best you sit this one out. You wouldn’t have any fun. 😏
  2. Got the Time off and stoked. Now I just have to decide which Datsun to bring. Lol
  3. Gee thx. I like to think she has look of her own.
  4. I’m in too! 🙋🏻‍♂️
  5. @jbirds510 I need to request the time off for work, do you have any idea what the tentative dates would be?
  6. Installed some small bits under the hood. I’m a stickler for the little things. hood prop retainer Grommet was missing from the hood prop bracket. much better missing hood bumpers
  7. July 1st Took the bumper cover of off And found this. Lol. I found the correct steel bumper and threw it on. Feel much safer now. Lol. also found a fuel filler door and slapped it in. And finally took it to get an alignment. The guy who sold it to me had just put in some extended LCA’s and didn’t get it aligned. It was scary AF driving it home. 😅
  8. Thanks! Yours sounds like a sweet ride. We all have the neglected ones. Lol. I’m only staying KA cause of CA smog laws. Love driving it though!
  9. Dang ok. I have to make some room in the garage and get an engine stand. I’ll hit you up. Thx
  10. Saw some panasports on FB marketplace for a great price and had to buy them back in May. They’re a little rough but no curb rash. I’m really happy with them. Staggered, 15x7 +10 in front amd 15x7 +0 In rear. Pics of test fit. I got impatient and mounted some used federals I had laying around that still had some life. 195/45R15 I did have to run a spacer up front which in turn made me get longer studs. little comparison.
  11. Not hiding. Just laying low. Lol. Same old same old. He is still with her. House is good. Living the dream. 😉 what’s up with you?
  12. Lol. It has. I stopped posting after the initial photobucket fiasco. But I just figured out how to post using Flickr on my phone so Its in now!
  13. Yea I think I I hit the porcelain when I finally broke it loose and my hand slipped and hit it. Oh well. It’s fixed. 😁
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