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  1. It was built in the late 70's with what ever scrap they could find, and the little tools that they had. The hyd..pump and cylinder come fro and old case bulldozer, so you can imagine the motor only has to idle to run this puppy.
  2. to insert an image ! do i need a host?? or can I jusr download from my pc??
  3. Well with your info it popped right up. found them in Blue Streak and he did have them in stock. Woo Hoo I have everything i need for a tune up. Thank you once again guy's, you came through for me. I am very gratefull. Greg I will post some pic's
  4. I have the points out of the engine, they are smaller then the single set. None of the parts stores have them in stock ( I ordered a single set to see if they were the same )....so there is a re-stocking fee. The problem is with out a year and model I cant fine the points. They do not have pictures so they hate to order and then be stuck with them.
  5. Hey Guy's I am back Same engine different problem. my L 1600 comes with dual points and all the parts stores come with singles!! so the 510 worked for the water pump but not for points!! Think you guy's would know what model had the 2 sets of points?? thank you in advance Greg
  6. Just a tarp nothing special, takes about 8 hours of splitting to burn up 2galons of gas
  7. Well with the help here I now know It's a L1600 that run's this puppy lol. The wood splitter was built by my uncle back in the late '70's , he did not have many tools so it's a little rough but it works damn good. It can split anything lots of power. Freezing cold out she starts no matter what the weather, all I have to do is put my hand on the carb to choke it and away it goes. Best to wear a glove cus sometimes it will backfire lol. Running speed is idle, there is plenty of power out of the old case bulldozer they took the hydraulic pump and cylinder from. So Idle is all you need unless you get a nasty knot in the wood then you have to giver a little gas but not much. I mist the picture a little bit for the pump hook up, although you can see he welded a bigger to smaller U-joint to run the hyd...pump.
  8. Thank you all for your help. With the numbers L16 we ordered a pump for a 1971 510 and it came in as the same. With your help it took only a day to order and receive the part. Before i knew what it was I had seen 5 different water pumps and was getting discouraged. Thank you agin for the help Greg
  9. Yes sure I will post pictures of the splitter.
  10. Thanx with your help I found this number where you said. #L16 964766 would this give me a year and model?
  11. Hi Guy's Could anyone help me identify this engine?? My uncle made a wood splitter with it, but he does not remember what Model and year this Datsun engine came from. I need a water pump for it. I found some numbers on the block there are two sets. The first one say's Nissan Japan under that is 5............210 There is a space of 2 inches between the numbers 5 (space 2") 210 , that was at the bottom front of engine. closer to the back it has 7162SA...........M same as the front numbers there is a 2" space between the numbers and then the M. 7162SA (2"space) M the "S" in the number is a little rough could be a "5" I am not 100% positive on the S so it could be 71625A..........M That's it for numbers on the block. If the engine is a 210, the water pump they showed me at the auto parts store was not the same, so I am stumped again right there. I have been to several parts store and have seen 6 different models that do not fit ( not the same) anything else will have to be ordered which they do not wish to do cause they say they will be stuck with the pump in stock ( just my luck) This is why I am trying very hard to find a model and year for this motor. Thank you again Greg
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