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  1. Dee

    Pic's of your Z

    ^I like it, looks good! more recent pics of mine....
  2. Dee

    Pic's of your Z

    Been a while since I've posted on here. here is the most recent pic of my ride I'm at the tailend of a 350 SBC swap that I just started for the first time yesterday, I'm excited as hell to get it back on the road.
  3. Converted over to carbs so I don't need any of my FI stuff anymore. #1 75-83 Z/ZX Non-Turbo Air Flow Meter P/N: a31-625-000 - $45 shipped Will come with the bracket and intake tube [not pictured] #2 '78 5-speed ECU Module P/N: A11-601-000 - $50 shipped PM Me here or you can contact me via email: deondre[at]gmail.[com] -- I .also have the manifold with all the stuff attached to it like injectors, fast idle valve, egr, etc.....just let me know if you need it. thanks
  4. Dee

    '78 280Z -- My first Z.

    Thanks for the comments! And Pasquale what has your friend done to the 240 since he bought it? I hope he's taking care of her :) Nothing major with the Z has changed since my last update. I bought a daily driver('89 4runner -- 3" lift on 33" tires) so I could give my Z a rest until I can save up enough funds to do a complete overhaul and some other special things ;) . I am working on a new exhaust setup though as I type this. Found an old 6-2 header(unsure of the brand but it's old) yesterday and I'm going have a local exhaust shop build me a Twice Pipe setup so that should be fun. It already sounds mean with just the open header. I'll post more once it's finish and hopefully soon I can have the updates rolling in more once I get my finances settled.
  5. I'm in Ontario also, post up pictures of the truck...I might be interested.
  6. Have some extras laying around from a mass cut I did a while back so instead of sticker them on my lawnmower, or on my pet chihuahua(joking) I thought I'd give you guys a crack at em. $5 for a pair or $2.50 each - 4 left shipped via usps PM me for paypal info. Thanks
  7. man oh man, I had I fit for one of these bikes when I was a youngsta! I still wouldn't mind having one, sick bike!
  8. Dee

    Pic's of your Z

    That fitment looks tits! I may have to attempt that if I ever decide on coilovers props
  9. Dee

    Pic's of your Z

    metallic flake gold :D
  10. the perfect "pick up parts truck" for my Z -- too bad you're way up north though. :(
  11. that rust is hardly bad, I wish you lived closer....I'd refreshen it to live out a bit more of it's glory days. glws
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